Mirror Match Exclusive Colors

So im watching my roommate play KI and hes working on maining Arbiter, his favorite costume for him is the full ranger armor set, after seeing him choose it, it got me thinking about the full accessory sets that, when fought in a mirror match, the 2nd player/CPUs has a unique color for said set to tell who is who, this color is not accessible unless you’re the 2nd player, which is a let down, especially seeing the alternate “Bob” color for the Arbiters “Ranger” set.

I’d like to see a way to use the Mirror match color (at least in Single Player) cuz there are some awesome colors that are exclusive to mirror matches, thoughts anyone?


This has been brought up in other threads, but yes I generally agree. A lot of the mirror match colors for certain accessories (especially with Arbiter) are absolutely awesome. It’d be awesome if there was a sort of alternate way to access them in the select screen, something like “select an accessory that changes in the mirror match, and press start instead of A” or some such thing. That, or just making them regular accessory colors that can be selected. Either way it’d be nice.

in mkx the big secret was to press ‘start’ when selecting a character. shocked that isn’t in play here… that should have been patched years ago c’mon…