Mira's stage

Mira’s stage deserves to be a church.

Imagine this…

  • Bats flying around the place
  • A cross added
  • Blood baths

Why not just request for the thread already made about this topic to be moved to this section?

Mira is sharing a stage with Sabrewulf.


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Okay. I’ll switch.

Sucks, she deserves her own stage

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I do hope there is some way stages for all character can come. Rash and Mira feel incomplete because of it.

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All the characters deserve a stage, but Mira and Gargos, that aren’t guest characters, specially. SF and MK haven’t a stage per character? Who cares!! This is KI, and stages and music always has been a special thing and its card of presentation.

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this would be so fantastic

worst mistake they made in season 3 is deciding some new characters didnt need their own stage

imagine how cool Rash’s stage would be, or this church stage for Mira, they really did a disservice to the new characters by breaking the KI tradition of them having their own stages…really sucky move

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Mira stage shares with Jago

surely you jest? how does Mira have anything to do with Jago’s stage, if anything she’d share with Wulf but even thats a stretch

Well, in survival, she is in the tiger’s lair, I think that’s what I meant by that.

Yeah if u play survival u usually play on the stage which the character is assigned. Like shadow jago and O on the same stage, kan ra and rash on kan ra’s stage and now mira in Jago’s stage

What about the castle in the background of Sabrewulfs stage? Maybe that’s an area that could be used for Mira’s stage, maybe a courtyard with the castle seen in the background or perhaps one of the rooms inside.

If we ask (complain) hard enough for Mira’s stage they will probably add it later

This character deserves her own stage a Castle or a Cathedral would be fantastic

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if mira gets a stage it will probably be with her vampire coven in russia siberia underground. it was revealed as part of her lore and where she was first turned

That’s possible. But judging from the trailer I’d say it would possibly a completely different location like a tomb or a castle.

A skecth i made for Mira.


Really cool art! It definitely captures a “vampire” vibe.

I don’t think the impaled people would make it to a final design, though, and I think Mira’s story says the coven lives in ice caverns in Siberia.

This would look great as a part of Sabrewulf’s castle, though…

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Thanks :slight_smile:. My bad… I forgot about Siberia… i was thinking more of Romania…