Mira's retro =maya clone?

Do you guys think Mira’s retro should be basically a clone of maya but with a different face and hairstyle?

It should be original and unique from Maya’s retro.


I figured it would basically be Maya’s armor in a different color with Mira’s face. And if they do it should be Mira retro of Maya’s main outfit.


I think Mira’s Retro will be the place where they can branch into the more classic vampire attire. Maybe a Dracula cosplay of sorts, or some classic monster ladies like Bride of Frankenstein or maybe a toned down version of Vamprella.

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I think she’ll have a very similar look. I bet at the very least she’d have Maya’s rings and crown a black one piece and a cape

I think Mira would look adorable in a tiara :blush:

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I do expect her to be as tall as Maya. But you never know what drinking blood, not milk, can do to your bones.


I actually wonder if it’ll be like Aganos where it’ll be her past self, might not fit with her moveset however.

tbh does Aganos’ retro fit with his moveset? i dont think these golems were originally shoving (what are almost) boulders into their gears lol

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Hey that’s a good point hahaha! Maybe they’ll go with human Mira after all.

What’s u with people and vamps? Never fully understood it.

Vampires are one of the classic horror tropes along with Werewolves and Zombies. Surprisingly KI has yet to really hop onto that bandwagon yet though considering it actually does kind of fit the game.

Hmmmmmmm,…ahhh that explains the zombie things people talk about.

we don’t do clones here, son.

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That’s what I’m hoping for.

The retros has usually been about what they would imagine, that the character would have looked like in the 90s…
So my guess would be a more stereotypical vampire, than it would be a still human Mira

But of course both Kan-Ra and Aganos has a “past-self” version instead… don’t know.
Hope she won’t look like Maya

I really hope that the retro is more classical vampire like the picture below and less Underworld vampires where they just wear lots of leather clothes :sleeping:

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She’s Maya’s twin sister they’ve trained together until the incident they probably wore the same apparel she won’t look exactly like Maya but somewhat similar

I know she is… just saying I hope her retro is very different from Maya.

Just because they’re twins, it doesn’t mean they have to look the same… if Mira is a vampire and is in “typical” vampire gear, she could be something like what @UnfeignedLion31 posted just with Mayas face… REALLY hope she doesn’t look too much like Maya.
But I have faith in IG and MS for this…