Mira's Music

Since Mira is a vampiress, THIS if what her theme should sound like!

Her theme needs that Transylvanian feel! It’s got that organ music. I bet Celldweller & Atlas Plug can do something about that.

And I’m sorry in the last thread…

Continuing the discussion from Music for the vampire character:

But if that won’t be moved, I’ll be making one in this thread.

Honestly I do think Maria needs a Transylvanian feel to her theme but, what about the ultra? Her Ultra has got to have an orchestral choir, mixed in with an organ (the instrument that you’d find in a church), and some unholiness to the theme. In my opinion.

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You mean Mira?

I agree.

It needs that vampire tune!

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I’m down with this, but there’s only one choice for her idle theme…


if Michiru yamane colaborates with Atlas plug and Celldweller her theme would be awesome

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There’s always something like Darkstalkers’ Demitri.

Forgot about Walter’s theme from Lament of Innocence

Maybe a bit of this:

Or a bit of that:

We may have something today.

Considering she’s got the human with fangs kinda style of vampire might as well go the whole nine yards and add Transylvanian music.

Here is a link to some history of Vampires in KI. http://killerinstinct.wikia.com/wiki/Mira

It talks about a song that was supposed to be used on the vampires stage in KI2, but the vampire didn’t make it into the game so the used the song for Count Batula’s theme in Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Heres a link to that song.