Mira's mist

How long does the mist last - is it for the entire duration of the instict or does it have its own timer?
Does it differ depending on whether it’s floating in the air (for example, when Mira releases it, them moves forward behind it, while the opponent keeps moving back) or attached to an opponent?

I could be mistaken, but I think it only lasts until she’s fully healed her recoverable damage. Furthermore, I also certain that it disappears from her opponent if she gets hit.

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Yes, it disappears when Mira takes damage, but that’s not the scenario I’m talking about. I’m just wondering if there’s a timer, like on Thunder’s Call of Sky.

I think it lasts until Mira gets hit or instinct ends. No timer otherwise. (Does it go away if instinct ends, even?)


It does go away when instinct ends, but if she doesn’t get hit it sticks around the whole time. If you get continuous healing for your entire instinct, she’ll restore like, at least 60% black life. It’s REALLY good.

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When is the Mira Page going to be up on your guide? I can’t wait!!! Lol!