Mira's height compared to Maya

So yay, Mira is out! And I’m practising with her now, of course choosing Maya as my sparring partner for lore reasons (I’m a nerd like that)…

But then I noticed something odd… she is the twin sister of Maya, right? Though undead, but still… why is she so much smaller in stature compared to Maya then? It just looks weird. Had Mira been much younger, like a teenager when she died, and thus not fully grown, it would make sense, but she looks like a full grown woman.



Just because they’re twins doesn’t mean they’re identical. My other halves twin looks nothing like him even down to the height.
Maybe maya was the dominant twin, got all the good stuff first and that’s why miras so pale lmao


I’m sure her paleness can be blamed on her vampirism. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah, I figured it would be something like that… but the difference in height is just so eye-catching to me. The whole twin-trope in videogames usually means they appear close to identical, so I find it an odd, however bold choice to make this difference so blatantly obvious.

Definitely fraternal, not identical, twins. I have a fraternal twin brother and we look nothing alike, most people can tell we are brother but are surprised that we are twins.

I agree it is an interesting decision to make them look so different in a video game. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mira’s story somehow relates the twin daggers temperance and vengeance to them being twin sisters. Perhaps her gauntlets are another of the night guard forbidden weapons as well?


Maybe it’s because Maya is still “alive” and continued her hunting and training for all those years Mira has been assumed dead so she is larger and more muscular or something

I think that would make the most sense. If Mira died and was turned in her young adult life than as a vampire she would retain that stature for all eternity while Maya continued to grow. However, I read that Mira is Maya’s fraternal twin (same father different mother and born at the same time) the genetic contribution of the two different mothers may account for the height difference. Its hard to say without Mira’s full back story known. All we know is that they are fraternal twins and Mira sacrificed herself to save Maya. We don’t know the how or the why.

Without getting too much into the specifics… It is most definitely possible to have twins that are born from the same parents with very different genetics and physical attributes. You can have twins that are a boy and a girl. There really doesn’t need to be any magical reasoning as to why they look different. Although we are talking about a game with vampires werewolves, human torches and icemen so i suppose there isn’t really a point in applying real world logic.

Well the big WEAVE on Maya’s head makes her look a few inches taller than she really is. Im pretty sure when a person becomes a vampire they are frozen in time from that moment on. So Mira has not grown since she died. Plus Maya is just a beast of a woman.

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thats not what fraternal means…its two individual eggs get fertalized by two different sperm at the same time and is bor together.

Maya looks out of place in the game, period.

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…better than ki2 maya at least…

They are the same height, minus the hair. Check the line their hairlines are at with the training background. Maya holds her arms out wide, mira doesnt.

To OP, first thing I noticed when I took Mira and Maya to practice mode. I like Maya’s design and face, and the fact that she is tall. But this is more about her proportions being awkward (in a vacuum and relative to others in the game), imho. Mira is also quite tall and I see no issues.

Anyway, time to get back to Mira and forget about Maya.

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I have been saying this for the longest time; glad someone else sees it too. Maya is a poorly modeled character, argualy the worst in the entire game.

Aria is the tallest female character, and yet she doesn’t look awkward or out of place.

Yep your right. I had to look it up after I made that post and found it. So the sperm is the only variable. The ovum will have the same chromosomes and the sperm determine the gender along with alot of specifics. So my point remains valid.

Don’t over analyze this…They are different characters completely. Different builds. IG, or anyone else, can explain it away any way they want with a tacked on background story. The real answer is that this is the height that IG wanted her to be.

The stance, footwear and headdress differ on both characters, and also being twins doesn’t mean you have identical height. There are various factors throughout one’s life that can affect height to a small degree.

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they are just about the same height though, Maya is just more powerful in the thigh area, ira body is well balanced, it does create an illusion, like people who are the same height but one has longer arms, or legs will seem taller than a person with more balanced limbs and torso

Maya looks out of place just because she is tall?
Taller than some males? Oh come on. Don’t be so insecure just because she is an amazon. Maya is fine.


Yeah, without belaboring the point, as a geneticist I just have to clarify that “fraternal” in this instance refers to twins who are expected to be as similar as any other brothers (fraternal means literally “of or like a brother” and is of the same derivation as fraternity). “Identicial” twins are genetically identical. But even the fact that they are genetically identical doesn’t mean their phenotype (i.e. the way they actually look and behave - their visible characteristics) are identical.

As far as Maya and Mira the height difference is actually smaller than I expected. Mira is just much smaller (more petite) in every dimension than Maya. All the elements of her visual design (including her slimming black outfit, lol) emphasize the perception of her as delicate - even though she has similar large presumably muscly thighs to Maya. Maya is just… big.

They have some moves that share poses. Maybe someone who is skilled and interested could get those shots and superimpose them to see how they compare under different circumstances.

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