Mira's hand bugs

Anyone wonder what those bugs on Mira’s hands are for?

Wonder if she can draw blood or energy or even release them so they attack the opponent sorta like the bug queen from MKX

Maybe they contain some power

Interesting to say the least!

Can’t wait for the stream

FYI: I have not seen this movie…

I read a post on Neogaf regarding just this question. The poster brought up the movie Cronos…

…a vampire movie that I assume uses the scarab-shaped object as some sort of tool to turn people into vampires.

I’ll do some more digging to see what I find about the movie.


Wow 10 years ago? Nice

I’m certain she will release those things I doubt they are just there as some ‘glove’ I could be wrong but they are too cool to be just accessories

I thought the same . That’s surely projectiles I’m sure @99% I don’t know why lol.

Because I can’t see a vampire character without projectiles "could be bats or scarabs or bugs " but for sure there is something about that

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Slayer sends his regards. He mentioned that he wasn’t sure why would that be the case, by the way :wink:

A lot of her costume incorporates scarabs, which makes me think she is somehow connected to Kan Ra…

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Someone had to wake her from the dead, no? Seems like a Kan-Ra-y thing to do. That’s why we don’t invite him to parties.


Kan Ra is connected to Maya in season 2 story mode- and something regarding the temples of her Order…


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I instantly remembered Cronos the first time I saw Mira. I believe I even mentioned it somewhere in the forums.
I saw that movie a couple of years ago, and if I recall correctly, the scarab-like device was an alchemical creation with a vampiric insect inside that would grant eternal life to its user. It attached itself to a person, like a clockwork parasite, and the insect within injected its host with some secretion that gave them immortality. In exchange however, it made the host crave blood, therefore turning him/her into a vampire.

Sadira’s backstory, where the spider mechanism gains life and attaches itself to her, also resembles this story.

BTW, the movie is 23 years old! :slight_smile:

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Well, that and he refuses to use a ■■■■■■■ coaster on my BRAND NEW TEAK COFFEE TABLE!

He’s a real douchebag.

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What about the sand? My couch! My floors! SMH. Douchebag is an understatement.

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I think the idea about the “Cronos scarab” is a huge possibility now. Mira’s intro shows here clamping her gauntlets on her arm and something being pumped into her veins after it.

called it!

I love her projectiles and outro