Mira's Gameplay

Finally! Mira!

With her revealed now, what will we expect from her?

Well, like I mentioned in the other thread, I would love for her to use blood magic, like weaponizing her blood, maybe like a whip or such.

She might be a zoner… Why do I think that? Well, because none of the characters announced for season 3 so far is a zoner. If she is, I guess I’m gonna learn how to play a zoner, since I am almost exclusively playing rushdown… I kinda hope she will be rushdown though.


I’m actually kinda guessing grappler. S3 doesn’t really have one right now - no one’s got an untechable command grab. Weaponized blood would be pretty cool though - especially if Mira had to take it from her opponent via blood-sucking command throws :slight_smile:

I wasn’t really excited about Mira, but after seeing her look and some of her accessories, I’m thinking I’m definitely going to give her a try! :thumbsup:

I’m no good at grapplers either…

Adam Isgreen mentioned this about Mira:

Cool. But the question is… When will we see this for outselves?

Every time they release a new character they say “[insert name] has best [insert tool] I’ve ever seen in a fighting game.”

Well, she comes out in April, so it won’t be very long. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Maximum of 32 days.

I’m liking the idea of another air based character joining the cast, an aerial grappler doubly so. Coupled with her visual design I have a feeling I’m going to like her a lot. :smiley:
I’ve got a good feeling she’ll be using energy drain of some sort, as well as possibly using bats as familiars, as is the vampire way.

I’m wondering if her instinct lets her turn into mist or a swarm of bats temporarily, sort of like Omen’s shadow form, or if maybe her grabs apply life steal or curses of some sort. Perhaps bleeding damage over time? Or something like the dark tethers but for health?

Or maybe she just gets spinal’s old drain abilities. Or an “Around the World” equivalent that provides a (possibly temporary) health boost. Maybe a specific “blood drinking/healing ender”?

Mostly though…
I’m just wondering what other specials she’ll have besides her “nipple bite” grab we saw in the tease. She’s got clawed finger armor for what I’d assume to be punch based scratch attacks similar to Wulf or Riptor.
A bat based projectile is a serious consideration I think, if it’s handled right. Something you have to acquire manually, but that will continuously harass the opponent or act as an assist.

So many different ways she could go… Will she be a simple character? A technical one? Will she be considered “fair” or “NERF DEEZ GIMMICKS” with her gameplay style? Deceptively deep or startlingly sophisticated?

The other thread!

She has to have some kind of attack that drains life from the opponent and refills her own. Must! And some other damage-over-time kind of attacks. Her instinct mode could give her the ability to fly and hover high in the air as a little bat.

I hope she is rushdown but I’m picking her up regardless.

Man, this character makes me want to play KI in tag team mode and put her in a team with Sadira.