Mira Trailer - Error?

Shago voice

what you want to tell us? there is no shago in the trailer…

I didn’t hear anyone but Mira talking. :\

30 seconds in.

Unless you and I are going insane, that’s most certainly Shago’s voice clips for the Endouken/grunts that Jago’s releasing.

Maybe it was intentional because of Gargos? Ah well, it’s not that big of a deal. I’m here for Mira, not Jago :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont hear any shago voice at all, sorry :slight_smile: it’s just that’s the music much louder than the voice.

Perhaps its on purpose? :wink:

Pay attention to Jago’s voice when he throws the endokuken.

The OP didn’t really specify, with their vague post as it sounded like they were implying Shago was speaking at some point in the trailer. Most of us were to excited for the trailer to take notice of Jago’s grunting for a second or two.

I wonder if they have a sound board of all the voices and then just add them in later, more interestingly, I wonder who thought adding Sadow Jago and then looking at the forums to see if anyone went crazy would be hilarious.

Edit: Max didn’t edit this one, according to his twitter.

Does Max still edit them? Maybe he goofed. :stuck_out_tongue: