Mira tech

Alright it’s been a week. Let’s get this going already.

How to get in?

Juggle combos after launch ender?

Bat mix ups?

Recoverable health traps and techniques?

Heavy spiral arrow on block frame traps?

Best normals for situations like opponent wake up or Mira wake up?

Etc all this stuff needs to be shared. She’s a high level glass Canon and this forum shield have all r next info!

Only things I’m using now is:

Bat ender in corner into heavy command grab for cashing out damage AND optimal life recovery (I often use shadow spiral arrow to corner carry when I need health.)

Blocked Light bats into heavy command grab lands more often then not.

Medium spiral arrow on block (side switch one) into light command grab has been working a lot.

Heavy bats into air dash cross up into overhead or medium low kick has been a Good 50/50 opportunity

And Das it. Super basic day 1 stuff. Anyone run into any of tech? Videos would be nice even though I didn’t get any lol :slight_smile:


Perhaps you missed the thread stickied at the top?

All tech discussion is going there: