Mira Tech Discussion and Match Analysis (Post 3.6)

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Hey guys, it’s me. Just checking in to see how everyone has been with their Mira training! With the upcoming 3.6 I feel like it would be a good idea to organize a thread to talk about what the upcoming changes mean, and provide a space for us to critique each others’ matches.

Can’t wait to hear everyone’s input!

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Official word from Keits.

Get ready ladies and gentlemen, our time is now


Definitely agree with Keits. She struggled a lot when it came to first frame guessing with her health mechanic and all, but this pd change will compensate. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow, I’ll post my opinions here once I got a couple games down.

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Playing some matches today and the PD change makes a huge difference. Because she has so many ways to open people up, when people break, they’re still at disadvantage, because one more touch is a lvl 4 combo ender with minimal life spent.

Although the PD change makes the Cinder, Rash, and Sadira matchups that much more painful for us.

I don’t even notice the instinct change with less PD, I mainly used instinct to have a safe healing method and used it in neutral to gain access to more air mobility, useful in matchups when you’re being zoned out.

By the time you do get in, it’s a one chance break at lvl 4, or a lockout with as much heavy damage as you want, without the fear of grey life. Plus using shadow bats at the end of combos now to put on vampire mist I feel like is way more useful than using it at the beginning. It essentially puts more PD pressure on them and gives you access to way more ways to mix them up on their wakeup.

Can’t wait to have some time with 3.6 Mira. I really believe these changes will strengthen her considerably.

On a side note, I’m thinking that her instinct will now be much more neutral-oriented than combo-centered. With these changes, I believe her vampire mist will be much better as a tool to allow her to go crazy and setup resets/combo follow ups, than to pop after landing a combo for really big dmg.

Hope I can get some alone time with her soon =D

For a while I’ve been using instinct purely for the instinct bat set ups after her exchange ender. Her instinct bat is God like. The 2 nerfs she got on her vampire mist have really proven to me just how much better her bat is. Who needs more damage when her instinct bat mix ups become unreactable?

Also it’s so fun to be allowed to go crazy with her moves with vampire mist recovering all that health. Half the time I don’t even know what I’m doing. I’m just flying in the air having 5 bats doing all my work. Lol so fun. I’d hate to be the one having to block all of her bulls*** lol

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Do you have any more setups for the instinct bat? I have trouble timing the setups in real matches. In other news, I broke top 50 and hopefully once I get back from vacation I’ll be able to finish the run to top 32 next Tuesday-Sunday!

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I do actually! Funny, I just discovered some new instinct bat set ups the other day. But I haven’t shared yet because I’m actually in the process on creating a guide with her and I’m planning on reveling some new tech! I keep a good eye out there on Mira videos and I’m positive that what I got is fresh :slight_smile:

Nice! I saw that your ahead of me! How dare you? Lol jk. I’ve been slacking on my online grind. Nice to take a break to be honest. Keep it up.

Yeah now that I’m on winter break I have a lot more time, plus being able to play so much helps me learn a lot of matchups that much faster

I played you the other day, and your Mira was amazing. My sad little Mira has been collecting dust… sadly… :stuck_out_tongue: I totally… oh pun… suck with her.

Then again, I could just use Sadira’s “Vampire” outfit and pretend its Mira. :smiley:

Thanks! I’ve been playing KI on and off since Season 1, but now that it’s on PC I can play more often. Hopefully you’ll see my name at tournaments more often!

Back from vacation and I’m on that Ranked grind again! Gonna post some matches tomorrow, got some good footage against Sadira, Rash, and Gargos, some of our problem matchups

In the meantime I was able to play a match against UA Bass that got streamed, here’s the link.
Match is at 1:46:57

Eh Gargos isn’t as bad of a mu as he is against everyone else when he has minions. Without minions, Mira has a very easy time getting in when she has meter to spend on shadow blood seekers to hold him down, air dashes to fly to him for the mix up, and mist to avoid his own mix ups. Big thing is that she can mist his only move that allows him to be safe to instinct cancel into. I know Hisako can parry it too which makes her also a threat to him, not sure if anyone else can dp it or something. But when he has minions it’s another story, but that can be said with every fighter.

Watched the fight with Bass’ Jago. Gotta go easy on em reapings on block. Pro players will shut that down immediately. I’d suggest baiting them with an instinct cancel. That or go for light bats instead. Jago mu is pretty even to me. But I’d say Mira has a slight edge over him.

What’s up everybody! Happy new year! I played so many matches in the race to Top 32 and ended my run at 35. I’m going to be recording and uploading some key matches today, hope you guys appreciate it!

Also, there seems to be discussion about Mira being top tier (something we’ve been saying since day 1) how does everyone feel about it? I’m personally thrilled because all the work we’ve put in can finally be recognized. While other people argue tiers and complain about the game, we can just go in and body everyone who wrote off the character!

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Also Paul B played a set against Bass on his stream. He plays a very different Mira than how I do so I thought i’d post the match so we can analyze it. Starts at 6:15 [link]

Who is saying shes top tier? I think she has always been top tier but she has to work for it. Each update we get they nerf more and more of the other top fighters that I feel it’s starting to make her pop out more.

This new pd update has really shined bright on her. Just today while I was finishing up on my guide for her I noticed how after a grab, doing a 1 chance breaker did 20% damage. 20%! For a 1 chance. That’s crazy! Before the pd update her grabs pd would be gone by the time she could get back into the fight.

I’m happy but scared at the same time that people are starting to realize her potential. Happy because she deserves more praise, but scared at the thought of someone like Nicky fulling utilizing her. Next thing you know the community will bring out the pitch forks demanding nerfs for Mira lol. But we’ll see!

And yeah, I can’t wait to see Nicky get more work in with Mira. I’ve been talking to him a bunch on twitter and helping him with the character, I just want to see her shine and push us all to get better.

And the PD update has been fantastic for the whole game, but especially for us. Playing the combo system and going for lockouts really pays off. Can’t wait to see your guide man!

Just started watching the video you linked. On a side note, I need to high five Bass for that Storm Owl 8-bit remix song that plays at the start of the Mira matches. Hype. Wonder what PaulB has to show.

I’m very excited for Mira’s future, and I hope my guide will help those who doubt Mira’s potential realize what they are missing.:slight_smile:

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I feel like these matches are for fun and not really anything else. He mists like crazy and Bass does not really punish him for it. Far as play style yeah he plays a lot different than your grounded base game style. If you take away all the unnecessary Mists he plays similar to me, but he is not really capitalizing his air juggles like I do. Still was interesting to watch a few of the games. What was your thoughts on his Mira?