Mira release date!

hey guys, looks like we are gonna get Mira wednesday! just saw it posted on the KI FB page. id link the twitter post but i cant see that page due to firewall. April 27th needs to get here faster though its just day after tomorrow haha



I don’t see any such post on the official KI page.

my bad, killer instinct ultimate fans page. its a group

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Or, you know, check the Dev Tracker sometimes… :stuck_out_tongue:


It was posted on Twitter too, as well as Gamespot:

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I bought S3 combo breaker pack. Will i not be using Mira in May16’? Kinda was lead to believe i would in the s3 trailer. I might be disappoint.

You aren’t gonna get mira till may, and likely gargos in july.

I’m sure all the millennials will be happy, they’ve got their Buffy the Vampire Slayer or whatever, eh.

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Mira is a vampire from the past, the kind that tries to kill you lol. The Millenial type of vamps sparkle and pick up high school girls to date


Im pretty hyped for her release. Her gameplay is really interesting and she should be a very sweet matchup choice.

Will we see xbox one arcade stick support (finally) this patch? Need some input hardware love! :slight_smile:

Cool can’t wait to play as Mira :slight_smile:

When Mira’s patch notes?

are they still doing the 1 week early access for ultra edition buyers? where is this CONFIRMED for future reference?

its been confirmed on their twitter page, or, use the dev tracker up top lol

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Great. Thanks. I’ll wait till next week then.

Yeah Mira is a real vampire, and I f****** love it. Not those stupid sparkly lovey things from those dumb books and movies lol

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It’s tomorrow if you are ultra owner

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Mira is definitely a true vampire, the kind you wanna stay the hell away from. shes definitely old school just like these boys were. arrogant, using powers of illusion, manipulative, and cold blooded killers