Mira, Maya's Twin Sister

Unless I’m remembering incorrectly, Maya and Mira are twin sisters, no?

I’m wondering if they’re just fraternal twins (not necessarily identical), because she looks structurally nothing like Maya to me. Maybe I need to compare them side by side, but she seems possibly smaller and with a slightly weaker jaw. I could be super wrong and they’re the spitting image of one another, if you gave her Maya’s skin color and changed her hair.

This is not a complaint, so much as a genuine curiosity. What does everyone else think? Undead skin and dark hair aside, do you think they look like twins?

I just hope she isn’t 7 foot tall like Maya. Have you seen Kim Wu next to Maya? makes her look ridiculous-


I wanna say I recall Maya being like 6’2" or something like that, which is pretty tall, yeah.

That said, I literally just finished playing and noticed how small she is next to pretty much every human woman other than Hisako. Sadira, Orchid, and Maya all tower a head over her. Kim is super short and I honest to god wasn’t expecting that. With Hisako, I was like, okay, but Kim?

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Nope. According to the wiki, Maya is 5’11". Still relatively tall, but not quite as tall.

At that rate, Kim must be 5’2", 5’3" at most.

Yeah, Kim Wu must be tiny. I get that asian women are shorter, but it doesn’t translate well into games :confused:

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The original Maya was 5’11 but IG stated they changed it to 6’2 when they unveiled Maya’s concept art also Kim Wu is taller than Hisako who is 5’4.

I mean, Kim definitely stands taller than Hisako.

Yes despite the difference in pigmentation they have similar facial features. Seeing how pale people can get after death, Mira’s skin isn’t that shocking.

I had identical twin friends back in high school, you could easily tell them apart even though they were identical twins and looked similar. It’s hard to explain lol

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I’m good friends with an identical twin. I can tell them apart, too, but it doesn’t mean they don’t look extremely similar.

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;-; what is wrong about amazons?

is 6’2

Kindle is a terrible tablet!

Absolutely nothing!

I love Maya!


Apart from the skin tone and hair they’re facial features look pretty similar and could easily pass for twins.


Nothing at all, madame! As a 6’4" male, I myself am quite fond of women who I can make eye contact with sans head-tilting.

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I guess their faces are very similar when you put them side by side.

Not the best pictures to make that comparison with, but I found others where I’d kind of maybe agree, yeah.

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All of you are talking about being over 6 Ft, and I’m here, standing around… 5’8… :frowning:

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@NamiRocket is all good btw XD

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You know, I could use a sparring partner… :sunglasses:

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