Mira. How do you play best?

First; i am just a casual player. Nothing like a pro at all.
So i like Mira, the character design, moves, everything.
But when i play against friends and i lose the match, its mostly cause i kill myself (Mira).
I wanna play this character good (not like a pro), so what is the best way to start this character of and what i have to do to not kill myself.

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I will tell you what I know and have learned. Don’t over use mist. Mist drains your health and if you use it to just move around, then you will lose alot of health. Use light attacks more, because they don’t cost any health to use. I know her enders are stong, but unless it is going to win the match or take a life bar, you should consider ending the combo with the healing ender. Now one of my favorites is the wall spat ender, then use healing grab, this way you get good damage and get health back.

I hope this helps some.

There are MANY of us on the Forums ready to help you with improving and having fun, myself included. I’m currently putting together some work for teaching people to play the game in bulk, but in the down time of that project I’m playing KI with my friends.
Here are some Gamertags you can add. Some of them are just my friends, who like yourself, not crazy good and still use combo assist even.
(I’ll show you how to play anyone… Ever. Seriously. Just send me a message when im online and I’ll get back to you asap)
(Me) MathAmphetameme
(friend) Jackathan216
(friend) JustTheMoonMan
(Friend, He’s bad lol) DimmaDongExpand
(Community Member) @ItzTymeToDul (Now, I know I shouldn’t be throwing out others gamerrtags without permissions from them specifically, but as far as I know, Dul is easily the most dedicated player I have seen in a LONG Tyme and will be willign to help give tips.) :wink:


If you wanna play Mira and enjoy your time with her, you’ll have to have a general understanding of the game. She has some weird things going on behind the scenes. If your having issues with the silver blood loss, you might what to start using less heavies and medium attacks. Light special moves don’t take away your health. It’s important to know that your health is only taken away during medium special moves, medium linkers, heavy special moves and heavy linkers. (NOTICE I cant 100% confirm that her medium and heavy linkers use health, but I think it does. Been a while since I’ve played her while not being lit lmfao) I can confirm that there are linkers that return health to you. Her:
Down>>Back>>Heavy/Medium/Light Linker. She chomps on you a little bit.

As @SadisticRage76 stated: [quote=“SadisticRage76, post:2, topic:16500”]
Don’t over use mist. Mist drains your health and if you use it to just move around, then you will lose a lot of health.
Mist, a move designed with mobility in mind, used mostly for defense. Defense is something you need to learn if you wanna be good with Mira, but not necessary to just have fun. Another major key with Mira is the whole Risk Vs. Reward. She has the ability to make moves crazy good if she spends the life for it.
An Ex.: Her scythe move ( Down>>Back>>Punch ) does very little if you use the light version, Her Medium version Hits Low & her Heavy version Hits High (Overheard). Of course, the Light version of the scythe doesn’t use any health, her Medium version uses a lil’ bit, and her Heavy version uses a good chunk sadly. Again, It’s risk reward. Her Light projectile is a good tool if you have the time to put it out. It helps a ton with getting in on your opponent. If you are facing opponents that have a nice defense, she can be hard as hell to play if you aren’t phenomenal with her.
Her Light projectile: Down>>Forward>>Light Punch

Those are some tips.

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Great tips.

Her trephine linkers don’t cost blood ever, only her reaping linkers.

I think my recommendation for Mira play is to mist very sparingly (seriously, that thing hurts like a counterhit Jago DP), and to learn to use her command grabs in neutral to make up life. Knowing how to block and shadow counter is essential with her, because you’re generally going to have less margin for error because of her silver life mechanic.

Mira builds a ton of meter. Aside from shadow counters, you’re generally going to want to use that meter on shadow bats. Medium reaping->shadow bats is a great way to get a “free” mixup into another mixup. If they block it, you get to go for another meaty, or just command grab them to recover any health you might have lost. Light trephine (cannon drill)->shadow bats is also great, as it checks forward movement, costs no blood, and if blocked gives you the same post-bat mixup.

Other than that, learn to use her airdashes and light bats to lock people down and then mix them up. Mira has some serious shenanigans in terms of her air play, and learning to use that well will net you many, many openings.

Her trephine linkers do cost blood. Both heavy and medium linkers use the same amount of blood as reaping, but reaping will do more damage.

Use blood consuming specials sparingly (except for air dashing, you need to use that a lot). Medium and Heavy bats should only be used when it’s crucial for your gameplan. Don’t just whip em out without having a good reason for it. Heavy trephine is very good because for one it hurts a lot to get hit by it at the start of a combo, and two it will keep you plus 2 on block. Medium trephine is good for corner pressure as it will make you exchange sides. It’s also a good shadow counter bait as lots of the cast will whiff their shadow counter since she switches sides. (And as others have said don’t mist on wake up all the time. It’s great to use once in a while to throw them off, but its not safe and costs the most blood. Good luck!

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Yeah, as said, non-light trephine linkers do cost blood. I thought it was slightly less blood than reaping linkers but it may not be, I can’t test anymore.

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So I was curious to see just who among the cast could actually punish her move so I went into training to find out.

Full punish:
Kim Wu
Eyedol (Warrior stance)

Hits but does not confirm:
General Raam

Shadow Jago
TJ Combo
Eyedol (Mage stance)

Yeah, this isn’t the first time I’ve been corrected on that. Not sure why that little bit of Mira trivia won’t stick in my mind. :sweat:

Let’s throw our hands up for the worst shadow counter in the game! Useless in all cases.


? By full punish I mean the enemy can confirm their shadow counter. Kim Wu hits Mira out of it. It actually hits something for a change lol.

Yeah I was being sarcastic because LCD always talks about how Kim’s shadow counter is the worst in the game and terrible. It doesn’t hit ranged pokes but I do believe it hits things in situations others don’t (ie, it is good for hitting people out of the air), and this is another example of it.

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lol ok I kinda figured you were. I was surprised myself that Kim Wu can actually confirm it.

Thanks guys, I first gonna try to use more light attacks and use the mist as less as possible. :slight_smile: