Mira gameplay thoughts and impressions

So I’ve been dabbling in Mira for a while, and I have a few thoughts, and concerns on some things.

Her HP usage. It is a great idea to spend life for extra damage. I don’t see this as a primary benefit for her in high play though. Her best moves cost a lot of HP, her Hp and Hk specials safe on block or good mixups that are hard to react to. She does enough damage without using those abilities or even her HP spending linker to be I would say in the higher brackets of potential damage.

Her mobility options, which I feel will be used the most in high rank play, I don’t think they cost enough HP. You can dash around and use her invincible crossup move quite a lot, I think it’s 3 or 4 of those per 1 Special HK or HP? Which can all be gained back with 1 well placed tick command grab. Which I will add can easily be done off her mobility tools themselves.

Whether or not it is intended, her light versions of specials do not use HP as a resource. So her light damage linker can build up to 50% combo’s without meter. Her light bats can be used for great zoning HP free, they also push her back doubling as an anti air, and a good one that offers juggle followups and meaty setups.

I do feel that her damage, and her mobility options will make her a threat at high level for the wrong reasons. Other than that I feel she was very well designed, lots of potential, but it is definitely a new concept with pros and cons. Hopefully with proper community feedback she will remain what they want while staying on the right level of the playing field.