Mira and Survival: a love story

Hello everyone! So first off I want to say that I find myself playing shadows mode a lot since its a great compromise between not using all the bandwidth, and being able to psudoplay multiplayer on KI. With that being said, I used to grind shadow survival with my orchid shadow to get her the necessary experience against the cast.

What ive noticed with Mira is that I really cannot do this with her. The method of life management does not lend itself to a survival mode at all. I find myself wagering a lifebar in a pinch to get the win–the next match I have 1/4 of a lifebar and no real chance of winning haha.

Is it just me, or does anyone else experience this as well? It makes it difficult to properly develop her as a shadow (like raising a pokemon or tomagatchi). Its no big deal really, I just find that I have to play more challenges and less survival.

Fingers crossed for a shadow ladder (infinate would be nice) to help with this!

I have started playing her for about 2 weeks, and use Survival Mode a lot (shadow and regular), and yes I found that I didn’t get far. However, as I got better with her, I’ve been able to regain the health that I lost in previous matches.

An alternative is to use Player vs CPU and set its difficulty with what you can manage (I set it to Very Hard/Killer). I lose a lot, but it gets me to work on my defense.