Minecraft Battle Mode

I just tried this after not playing Minecraft since launch. That was some experience. First I had to get some KI skins in order to accommodate.

Through out my 15 or so matches I met a lot of 15 and under kids. Most of the time I just kept shouting “Don’t Kill me!” and running away from them. But the funniest thing happened near the end of the session when two kids joined. Each had “Fresh” in front of their gamer tag and one said “Are you from the Fresh clan” something something something youtube! Then the kid explained he only changed his gamertag to that but he always wanted to join. He couldn’t believe he was playing the Minecraft Xbox versions and said all MLG players played on PE. Near the end of it the kid started crying because he was meeting his idol. Throughout this entire ordeal I had my mic muted astonished at the world we live in.

Crazy times man,

Tried it out yesterday with my brother offline in a 1v1. It’s just like the Hunger Games from the PC version, but with smaller stages and custom UI. I particularly like how it auto-equips the best armor on pick-up for you too, as well as the hit indicators around the crosshair - I wish those were in the normal MInecraft game. I’m not sure I like the stash of chests in the middle of the map, though - like the Hunger Games itself, it’s a deathtrap to go there, but that’s where most of the weapons, armor, food, and potions are.

1 of my favorite moments against my brother from this new mode (which I sadly did not record) was when I spotted my brother nearby and loaded a flaming arrow to shoot him. As I unloaded on him, he dropped a block of TNT in an attempt to blow me up - it blocked the shot, but immediately exploded in his face (there’s usually a short timer/fuse), since my arrows were on fire. Oh, so fun! :slight_smile: