Mike stage ultra annoucement pattern

No offense, but why Mike still yelling the stage ULTRAAAAAAAAAAA thing at some of the stages? I guess Mike should announce those stage ultras as always he does on Hisako and Aganos stages. Chris announcements are way better now since he’s not screaming anymore and it has a dooming vibe. Please fix it.

The real question is, why did the community voted for these boring, not worthy of doing in any game play stage ultra?

These stage ultra sucks big time.

well the community wasnt expecting a misunderstanding of simple knock-off’s. So that’s what we got. Only 1 knock-off and the others are fantasy finishers. The original KI’s were T rated and had a lot of knock-off compared to this new KI game. So i don’t understand why they’re avoiding the knock-off stuff. Perhaps they think it’s too violent for a game called KILLER Instinct.

I remember when the community was given the vote option for this. When i read the results of the votes; i thought that the community itself was high on drugs or mentally retarded there is no way i’ll buy season 3 if there is no ultimate combos added as a feature to the game and earning the right to execute an ultimate should not even be a possibility because in the 2 previous KI titles, you could execute an ultimate whether if you are in green health bar or red health bar. I want to bash the creative team for creating these lame stage ultras and the community itself for wanting more this garbage feature in the game.