Microsoft Xbox One Cross-play with PC and other Online systems (PS4)

So Xbox boss Chris Carla has just said that Xbox aim in the future to have more cross platform gaming with the PC but also other systems potentially the PS4. Rocket leauge is going to be a cross platform game with Xbox one soon enough but he said Devs can decide weather or not to incoroporate cross play and if so MS aim to do it with PC and other systems

ID@Xbox boss Chris Carla went further and said that, ‘in addition to natively supporting cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 games that use Xbox Live, we’re enabling developers to support cross-network play as well.’

What are your thoughts? (I think it is FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!!!)


Yep! Just discussing this with a friend on the forums. Seems great! Hopefully it does well.

Really?! That’s awesome! If this works well, then this will be a HUGE step for gaming as whole because we can finally become one unified gaming community!


THAT, is the best piece of news ever! I really hope they can pull it off well, what a world of opportunities that would create.

I get excited because think of what benefit it brings to fighting games. MKX players will level up, also may be able to pressure these companies to get respective exclusives on each others consoles.

It’s an awesome step forward. Windows gamers can play with Mac and Linux gamers, as well as both PS4 and Xbox One. I see no reason why the consoles can’t set aside their differences.
I’ve been hoping for something like this for years.

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It’s certainly going to be great for RocketLeague on Xbox One. I know @Infilament cares about this more than a little.

The articles don’t specifically mention PS4 cross play - it just says PC. But isn’t there already cross play between PS4 and PC for that game?

The announcements have mentioned an open invitation to other consoles, in the sort of wording that seems to invite Nintendo and Sony to the party without specifically imploring them to make the move. I think the people who are trying to suggest that this is less than what it is are really grasping at straws.

(nfi if Sony will go for it, though.)

There is cross-play between PS4 and PC for Rocket League already, yes. In that, if you queue up for a random game, both PC and PS4 players might be on either team (if you have “cross-play” option checked in your settings), and you can create a party and play private games with people on either system. The one thing you can’t do, however, is form a cross-platform party and queue up for public games against random opponents. If you have cross-platform people in your party, your only choice is to play private games involving only those in your party.

Looks like the above will soon apply to Xbox One users as well, with the added caveat that until Sony plays ball, you can’t have all 3 platforms in the same game or party. So an Xbox One user joining your game will prevent any PS4 player from doing so, and vice versa.

I’m always excited with what Rocket League is doing in the game design space, and this is no exception. It’s no secret I think the game is fantastic and I’ve sunk an unreasonable amount of time into it since the game launched in July, and wholeheartedly recommend it to every gamer ever.

Love the game, but playing at a very basic level, missing a lot of jumps, passing under the ball, etc…

Any advice you can give a newbie?

I guess this means us Xbox users might just have to “Snipe” you in RL Ranked. Lol

Lots of people missed under the ball when they start, myself included. I fixed it by intentionally jumping way earlier than I thought I had to jump until I started consistently missing the ball above it. Even with this advice you will still miss balls by jumping too late for a while, but by forcing yourself to jump in a way that your brain thinks “nah this will never work”, you’ll calibrate it to find the correct jump timing.

Also, I moved my camera settings out. I definitely believe the default RL camera settings are too close to your car. I moved POV to something like 95 (default 90, and I think a lot of players move it even further out), and camera distance to like 260 or 270 (default 200, I think). It will make a huge difference for your perception.

Thanks will try that soon :grin: