Microsoft Tournament

One of the things that I’m really intrigued by is Microsoft’s announcement that they will be incorporating native tournament capabilities into the Xbox One OS. This will allow big eSports games to include hooks that will work natively with Xbox Live and supposedly enable tournaments to be run more easily.

I love this idea, but the details have been really few and far between. I wanted to take the opportunity to tag the @developers and @rukizzel to see if there was any information that the KI community could get. I also wanted to start a thread where people could offer some of their thoughts on what would be desirable in such a feature.

Having participated and watched the random character tournament the last couple of months, I really think the KI community would make use of these tools and have a LOT more community oriented tournaments if there was an easy way to organize them. Just the process of contacting everyone and getting them into a lobby every time their turn is up could be made so much easier if there is proper integration. Making things smoother and faster. I’d also be interested to see if there were ways to work with streaming (currently twitch, but I gather we have a future getting to know Beam) so you could plan the tournament and let players play pools or preliminaries while choosing one or two matches to stream (or even better, the ability to jump betweem them!) then streaming the top 8 or whatever. I’m not a programmer of any sort, so I’m basically just making fantasy suggestions here. Forgive me if they seem unrealistic. Maybe people can take off with this thread and we can get some good discussion going.

EDIT:some tags to get us started @PVXenoraptor; @FallofSeraphs76; @Sasuke99I; @Marbledecker; @hyperpyro12345; @anthony2690; @Dayv0; @lewisthewizard


I too am interested to see how this works. Seems like it can really help keep things organized and more professional looking. I believe it can also be linked with that tournament site were you can charge a fee and winner gets the pot bonus?

For the first time since my teenage years, I am seriously considering purchasing a console. That’s my take on the situation.

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I’m really interested on this feature.

If this feature takes geography into consideration,I would gladly help with its spanish/european version.

I’m not sure how it’s going to work though, but it sounds promising. I’ve been kinda in the dark with this stuff, but I’d like to know more.

Hopefully they come through with something amazing. I fully believe the future of KI is going to be in part predicated on online tournaments.

It would be amazing to have brackets in the UI - and from those brackets, give the T/O the ability to contact each player.


Sounds interesting but not sure how its going to work.

Wait, so you’re saying there should be this MASSIVE tournament designed like EVO except it’s a tournament designed for Microsoft’s biggest games? If I’m right, that’ll be quite cool.

I’m guessing the Xbox-themed tournament would be:
Halo 5: Guardians (Obviously)
Gears Of War 4 (When it comes out)
Killer Instinct (A fighting game has to be in there)
Forza Horizon 3 (A race tourney, it could work)
I can’t think of any others…

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In theory, it should be scalable, so I don’t see why not. We already have the 8-bit beatdown which regularly hosts 100+ entrants. What MS is doing is supposedly incorporating a software tool that will help you organize and run the event. I think this is a fantastic idea, but having familiarity with a lot of MS productivity software (sorry guys) I’m not 100% sure they are going to come up with a feature rich and user friendly system. So I’m curious to find out more about it.

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