Mick Gordon's OTHER game OST/soundtrack works

Hey guys, get this: I just found out that the one and only Mick Gordon himself did the music/OST/soundtrack to the all-new survival-horror game by AND from Frictional Games, SOMA, as well :grinning: :smiley:

What, really? I don’t know that that’s true. Where did you hear that?

I noticed his name in AND during the end credits to SOMA

Oh ok, I looked into it, looks like he just did the music for some trailer(s) for it, not the actual game itself. Still very cool though!

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He also did the soundtrack to dead space, wolfenstein the new order, the old blood, and the upcoming doom.

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Didn’t he do the soundtrack to that one Dead Island trailer too?

All of the Dead Space games or just the very 1st one?

BTW he did the music for Routine as well :wink: :grin:

That’s not true that I’m aware of. I think he only did a trailer for Dead Space 3. Didn’t do any of the game ost though. He did do the new Wolfensteins and Doom though!

Yea I’m still waiting for that game to be released! Been forever lol

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