Mick Gordon is a genius! - Doom Behind the music!

For all of us Mick fans… here are some great new videos narrated by Mick… Doom behind the music \m/
Mick is a F’n GENIUS! I have been writing, playing and recording music for over 25 years…and Mick is just an mad scientist and pure genius. Even though his riffs can seem simple…the over all impact of how he creates some of the sounds is just mind blowing.


I had actually never heard of him prior to KI but he what he did in S1 and S2 is godlike lol I look forward to checking these out


He’s more than anyone can comprehend when music are the subject.


Does anyone know if he secretly made a Kim Wu track???


I really doubt it. I mean towards the end of season 2 he was kinda phoning in the last couple of tracks. Aria’s theme is just a quick & dirty KI theme remix (it fits Aria, but still) and on Cinder little V did most of the work, IIRC, so I’m pretty sure he was already out the door to go work on DOOM before anything regarding Season 3 was started on.

This track would fit like a glove for an Eyedol theme:


I can’t listen without getting depressed

Mick is soooo awesome! Eyedol could be the opposite of Gargos…FROM HELL! Gargos is from the Heavens and Eyedol is from the Depths of HELL!


I’m going to get flak for this comment, I didn’t necessarily like the Doom soundtrack.

Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty damn good and creepy in some cases but it was missing something. Perhaps it was a remastered version of the classic theme that failed to sell me or that there wasn’t one song that hit me as amazing.

On that note, I’ll bite my tongue and actually get my headset and just immerse myself in the soundtrack before I fully commit to saying I didn’t like it, hence “necessarily”.

You didn’t like it??

…nah, it’s alright…everyone’s entitled to their opinion…


I think Doom intense game play really distracts you from paying full attention to the music. But after watching Mick discuss how he created it and what crazy equipment he used… thats what truly brings it too life!
Im really loving the game! Ive been playing it every day fro 2 weeks now and its so much fun! I should be damn near the end… Just got out of the Titans realm or some shitt


Just found out Mick is composing for the game prey-

he may be tied up with other projects now


too bad for us. Perhaps he may return someday for a new KI game…

Mick Gordon=Top video game composer AND musical genius too :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:

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