Michigan Masters 2017 April 1-2

I’ve posted this on Twitter and the KIUF page on facebook. BUT totally neglected to post here, so I REALLY apologize for the very late details. Michigan is making a return of it’s premiere event, while there are plenty of games to play over the weekend Killer Instinct is one of the main games to showcase the event. MI gives mad love to KI, the Detroit area especially. So for you midwesterners with the means to make it out to the event I HIGHLY encourage you to do so. Pre-reg is over, but there is on-site registration for $20 and then add in for each game you intend to compete in. KI is getting a bit of a pot bonus thanks to the t-shirt sales leading up to the event.

Some featured players will be BxA Jackal, F3 Sleep, Mellowulf, Hi Im Keith, myself and many more to come!


Man, took me forever to re-find this post! I know I’m just gonna be givin’ y’all my lunch money, but I’m trying to get in on commentary. Might be a little too late, I had medical stuff to attend to with unforeseeable scheduling, but dates ended up moving around in a fashion that allows my attendance, so I’m just hoping it ain’t too late.

If commentary is out, bet I’ll drown in pools w/ y’all big fish!

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Wish I could attend and/or compete in KI. Alas it’s busy at work and I’ll most likely be working Saturday. 5 hour drive isn’t too bad.

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tournament for KI is sunday! If you are willing to make the drive we’d love to see you. I have to work the event, but also hoping to get plenty of games in afterward!

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I’m registered. I might make it… But I signed up for this before knowing I was going on a big business trip.

“Hey babe, I know I have been gone in Chicago for a month, but I’m about to play KI with folks.”


“K, bye!”

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To all who’s excuse was “the pot ain’t big enough, my ego is too E-Sports” - may I present to you,

For Love of the Game - a display of generosity from the dudes who would’ve scraped you anyway

(mixed media, twitter / cash)

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GG’s @ZeroSyndicate & @Tariizard for bodying me free yesterday! & a combination of thanks and apologies to those of you who tuned in and caught @Aquamandog & myself on commentary. I’d send it to the replay analysis to get pointers, but I think I know how and what I need to practice on to improve the quality of commentary.

  1. Less anxiety. I was talking out of the side of my mouth cuz I was busy eating the other side. Anxiety/agony combo is a real sonofabitch. :disappointed_relieved:
  2. Need headset, duhhh - there were a few occasions where I must’ve leaned in to hear what Aquaman was saying, and lost orientation w/ my mic, so half the time you can’t even hear me. It was very embarrassing to watch the tapes.
  3. Stutter less. I didn’t even know I stuttered. This is new to me. Probably goes w/ the anxiety thing.
  4. Stick around a little afterward. Read some ads, don’t just awkwardly flee cuz the tourney has concluded and I don’t know what to do w/ myself. Hand it off to someone.

I noticed a couple familiar names in the chat while watching the tapes, so shoutouts to @SonicDolphin117 @FinchoMatic @MnTLetalis @SLHiImKeith for tuning in, among others. Any further pointers would be appreciated!

First hour or so is KI - Sleep broke out his ARIA on Jackal & Mello. It was ruthless. The technology!

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I tuned in pretty damn late so I missed you, sorry.

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Watching the tapes back, you didn’t miss me. I was just too far from the mic to be heard for the latter half… :disappointed_relieved: I actually commentated the entirety of KI, including pools, but those didn’t get streamed, or if they did, it was on a secret channel.

Def missed my play, everyone did, I drown in pools 0-2, the free-est. Probs wasn’t even fun to watch. I hope @BxAJackal had fun commentating those matches, cuz there wasn’t much to say other than ‘ohhh damn, this must be embarrassing’.

It wasn’t though. No shame in having a good time! ok my commentary is.

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wait how did I get tagged in something I wasn’t tagged lol?

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Because I am not good at things. :sweat_smile:

Speaking of does anyone know if there is a way to make Twitch links not autoplay on this site?