Metroid Prime 4 - Confirmed


Oh cool!!! About damn time!


I’m still waiting for a new F-Zero :cry:

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Nintendo said that it isn’t Retro Studios who is making the game. Nothing specific but they said it’s a “talented new development team.”

Oh man; I’d love Samus in KI!

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Even for a teaser, it was pretty weak IMO

Great to hear. The teaser was really weak, though, so hype won’t come until I actually see an in-game model.

Am I the only one that has been over the while Prime thing for the last few games? Yeeesh, give us something else already.

I’m kinda glad they’re doing that 2.5D Metroid II remake but damn it if I didn’t want a Zero mission style classic pixel remake, like AM2R the amazing labor of love fan-game that they murdered to make this.

Nice and not too bad either :slight_smile:

One was fantastic. Two was okay. Three was… I didn’t even finish it. Some of it is me. I just don’t have time to spend 80 hours in a game walking back and forth through a giant 3D world looking for that one patch of ice I didn’t see before to melt with my heat beam. But it also seems like once the ambiance of the first game wore off the game lost its magic.

Anyway, I hope it comes out great. From the look of the tease and Nintendo’s history I would expect to see it in 2020.

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this is the one game they should have shown gameplay for or given more love and focus instead of yet ANOTHER Mario game

If you ask me, it just seemed like the further along they got into the MP series the more confusing and incoherent the maps got. The wiimote controls didn’t help much either.

Never played the trilogy although I wanted to (release a ‘no motion controls’ HD trilogy on the Switch please Nintendo). So number 4 sounds really nice to me.

Metroid is one of those games I missed since the old Nintendo days, too bad the sidescroller game isnt coming to Switch though,

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