Methods to frame trap shadow dominance

Just a little something I was thinking about, I was curious how many possible ways there were to frame trap raam when he has a bar to blow on shadow dominance. The basic requirements to do this are to have either a string with a gap of only 1 frame, or a grab invul or full invul move they can use to blow through shadow dominance. It’s also possible to do based on range, attacking him from far enough out that the grab can’t connect at all. I’m not going to list all of these though, because he’s less likely to use shadow dominance in that situation.

If I miss anything, let me know.


  • toward HK xx heavy wind kick (delayed). unsafe, opens a combo.
  • various buttons, DP. unsafe.


  • crouch LK, crouch LK. safe, can cancel to open a combo.
  • overpower / crouch LP / stand MK / crouch MK, light eclipse. unsafe.


  • crouch LK / crouch LP / close MK, light puddle punch. unsafe, opens a combo.


  • various buttons xx different strengths COTE. interestingly when far HK is delay cancelled into heavy COTE shadow dominance doesn’t come out at all here unless raam inputs it in pre-jump frames as a TK motion.
  • close MK xx light ankle slice. unsafe, opens a combo.
  • toward HP xx heavy ankle slice. unsafe, opens a combo.
  • various buttons, sammamish. unsafe, starts a juggle.


  • normal xx divekick. beats grab but is unsafe and interruptible.
  • toward HK dash cancel DP. unsafe.


  • various buttons, shadow recluse. unsafe, starts a juggle.
  • in instinct if she’s frame perfect she can probably frame trap with pre jump cancel normals. very impractical, I was not able to do this.


  • various buttons, DP. unsafe.
  • she can probably beat it with a frame perfect charged heavy ichi ni san, but I wasn’t able to do it.


  • crouch MP xx medium skull. safe and starts a combo with a skull stocked, unsafe and does not without.
  • various buttons, shadow skeleport. unsafe.


  • various buttons, DP. unsafe.
  • like orchid/sadira he can probably beat it with frame perfect charged blade dashes but I was not able to.


  • close HK xx tremor. unsafe. other moves will work as well, but close HK is the only one that frame traps AND combos.
  • close MP > close HP / crouch MP > close HP xx roll, stand LP. unsafe (all of TJ’s light normals are at least -1,) can be cancelled to start a combo.


  • back HP / far HP, close MP. safe, can be cancelled to start a combo.


  • back MP / crouch MK, shadow clutch. easily jumpable on reaction if you just block.


  • various buttons xx talon rake. safe-ish, opens a combo.
  • various buttons, run back HK. unsafe.


The reason I just say “various buttons” before some options is because for them it works if the move is 0, +1, +2, etc. but for wulf I’m very specific because the moves have to be +2.


I believe fulgore is 0 off of a very slightly charged light blade dash, and since blade dash dash back f hp is already fairly common it could work since raams could try and grab after the typically negative blade dash

And then Raam decides to pop instinct and blow through those one frame gaps with a zero frame grab! *Insert evil laugh.


I believe cinder can actually stuff shadow grab between target combo and fission. Though maybe i was just being bad and not doing it fast enough. Still lost meter though.

If he does target combo > fission, it’ll either be a true blockstring or be grabbable, I’m pretty sure. You probably weren’t fast enough.

With Cinder, the only true blockstring with his target combo and Fission is Light > m. Fission.