Metal Glacius Concept

As we know with Glacius’ lore his race is capable of manipulating molecules meaning that they race can control much more than just ice and water leaving potential for many different types of Glacius’s. With that in mind I was thinking what if we could have a Metal Glacius that played something more akin to his KI1 & 2 iterations. I know Glacius wasn’t actually made of metal in those games, but you can definitely see some inspiration was taken from the T-1000 in terms of his shape shifting ability and this version of Glacius would be pretty much in line with that same idea.

Smells alot like another clone character.
Glacius has proven that he can shapeshift and create dangerous weaponry out of ice… the only difference would be that this “Metal Glacius” would just make such out of, well, metal. I see no reason to make a “new” character like this when Glacius is already fully capable of filling that role.

They mentioned rushdown glacious in the survey. I, for one, want a rushdown glacious. Lol

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Well, I doubt a much heavier metal Glacius would be suitable for a rundown concept.

Doesn’t Glacius already have liquid metal color?

He does in retro color 6.

I asusme the OP wants a KI1 Glacius which is why he’s suggesting it. Granted I think the modern Glacius does a pretty good job as being well…Glacius.

I have a feeling “Kelvin” will be our rush down Glacius I don’t think we need another shadow character that’s in the vein as Glacius

Not a clone character. The current Glacius doesn’t so much shapeshift he’s more of an ice conjurer, outside of his liquidize and puddle punch his model never really changes and aside from those two moves he doesn’t play or move anything like his KI1 and 2 predecessors. This is a much faster more in your face character.

If they made a whole new character that doesn’t look like Glacius at all and have all unique moves and animations, then I might be on board with this idea.
Otherwise, it still just sounds like stuff that Glacius could do.

Rash is a shape shifter and Mira is sorta using a metallic liquid.

If we had another Glacius I’d probly want him to be a plant based Groot style alien.

Even though he doesn’t shift his model around alot of his attacks are reminiscent of the shape shifting morphing glacius.

Yep he does, and it’s sick as hell. I don’t see why this topic exists when his retro color 6 is already ‘liquid metal’.

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I know but Aganos manipulates the earth, more specifically rocks in game. I wish I’ve voted for Broccoli man alt.

Honestly I don’t think there are many options for Glacius 2.

I thought it was pretty clear I was talking about more than a recolor. What i’m talking about is essentially a whole new character. His design and playstyle would be entirely unique from current Glacius except for the fact he hails from the same race.