Merry Xmas, KI Community!

Here’s hoping that next year will be better and that KI will continue to thrive, with more games, media, merchandise and fellow fans, especially ones who are as passionate and creative as the ones on here. Stay safe and healthy, guys and gals! :smiley:


That’s awesome. Just getting into ki now think I already have arthritis in one thumb I’ve already bought like three different controllers and I stopped talking to my friends. I’m getting better though…


LOL Yeah, I know the feeling. KI can be quite addictive, old and new. Totally worth it, though.
Welcome to the forums, dude. :wink:

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Appreciate it. Killer instinct the SNES games the first game I ever spent my own money on as a little kid.

I’m trying to get involved in the forums it’s just normally I’m drinking when I feel like posting. I’m sure that’s probably good. Cheers


Merry Christmas, everyone! :smiley: