Merging Threads

I disagree with merging ALL the threads regarding guests. Not all were discussing the same thing. Suggestions and feedback os not the same for instance. By that logic we could just do an ULTRA THREAD for every character instead of having a sub forum but ok…

Some should be merged but definitely not all

Sorry you disagree.

It needed cleaned up no matter what way you view it. They were in essence revolving around the same idea one way or another. I placed this in the OP if you didn’t notice:

Please use this thread to discuss all things related to Guest Characters. Love the idea? Hate the idea? Share it here. Have thoughts on how the idea of Guest Characters will impact the future of Killer Instinct, it’s story, and/or relate to the existing cast? Share it here.If you have a suggestion on the design or specific Guest Character, please make a separate thread in Game Suggestions & Feedback w/ the Tags - character & concept.

Any future Guest Character related will be merged into this thread.


Your Friendly Moderator - CStyles45

I understand why you merged them and I agree to an extent.i just think you merged to much. For instance it is ok to merge all that were talking about why guest characters are bad/good but I think you shouldn’t merge the ones that were suggestions for guest characters.

how about two guest threads. One for suggestioms and one for guest feedback.