Mega Man 11

Oh yeah!

Though I like the X and MMZ series better, more Mega Man is always awesome!

And I love the new style as well. :heart:

I hope Bass will be playable in this version, and having his Treble form as well!


Maybe they’ll resurrect X series when they’re at it.


That would make me a cappy hamper. ^^



New Stream game eventually?



From the Capcom Unity stream:


If they have Skull Man, I’ll buy.

MM11 will most likely have all new Robot Masters.

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I’m interested, not that I fully trust Capcom but I’m intersted.

Which is fully understandable, considering how dodgy they’ve been these past… well, 10 years now…

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Now if only Capcom would just officially announced Mega Man X9 along with Mega Man Maverick Hunter X2, then I will be a VERY happy camper :grin: :smile:

Same. ^^

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The only downside to MH X2 IMHO would be they wouldn’t use the same voice actor for X as he’s retired from voice acting to another job now (I’m wanting to say doctor of some sort).
But that scene right as you’re about to fight Sigma’s final form…man that was so badass!!

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Gonna be honest, I was more interested in the news of the Mega Man X collection since I’ve never played those games before, but this is still great news for a return of Mega Man games as a whole. Also, I kind of don’t like how it looks right now from what little they’ve shown (Megaman is too small/camera zoomed out, stiff animations, etc) but I’m hoping it’s just a prototype and not a potential indicator of budget.


You’ve been missing out…

At least for the first 4, and maybe 8…5,6,&7 aren’t so hot.