Meeting the Grim Reaper

What would you personally do if you meet the Grim Reaper and the Grim Reaper, in turn, suddenly appear right before you?

Personally for me here I would hereby make a solid request to the Grim Reaper that I now wish to follow him and that he would, in turn, choose as well as accept me to be one of his disciples AND warriors and overall make me as one of his Angels of Death :sunglasses:

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Just don’t treat him like Billy and Mandy lol


“You’ve been busy. How’s the Mrs.?”

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Hmm. Well if there were a Grim Reaper then there
must be a GOD as well.

I would ask GOD to help me as I attacked
the Reaper immediately.

God hearing my call would bless me
with Golden arms encrusted with jewels
[Like Jax from MK] and two twin Golden Axe’s.

My armor would be made of sheets of diamond
like Aira.With Riptora by my side, and After
slaying the abomination, GOD
would make me Officially
Boss under heaven.

Oh- and I would take Hisako as my bride.
Anybody looking at her the wrong way
would answer to Riptora-