Medusa as a New Boss for Season 4 or KI4

I believe that Medusa could be a good Shadow Lord (or just final boss) of KI4 or a season 4 if this version of KI continues on. We’ve had Eyedol, a male two headed satyr, Gargos, a male gargoyle, and Aria, a female AI. Medusa would be another female, but also a source of monsters that could explain why so many creatures are running about in the KI universe. Of course, Sabrewulf, Mira, Spinal, Hisako, all have their origin stories, but a source for why monsters exist could be allowed in Medusa’s backstory. Perhaps she’s a link to a more monstrous time in Earth’s past that gave birth to Greek Legends etc. It would be the same as Dracula but I don’t think KI needs another Vampire or the Count’s legacy. I was hoping for a Frankenstein’s monster to be added to the roster as a horror trope (just F.Y.I). I’d like to see how her tail would look in game, slithering around and hitting people. I could see a whiplash combo, a ground pounding tail tremor like TJ, a tail flip like Riptor, and maybe a petrifying snake toss move like Spinal’s skulls to turn to stone the opponents legs or arms for a brief moment, making moves with those appendages unusable for a moment. The chief incarnation of Medusa (Clash of the Titans) always has her using a bow and arrow so that could be good for anti-airs and zoning. Though many have posted about Medusa, I mainly wrote this to suggest she shouldn’t be an average character and promoted to a boss status.

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I like your story concept.

Admittedly, I’ve wanted this concept for a character when fake leaks were dropping at the time of S2’s announcement. If not a Gorgon, maybe a Naga or Lamia with multiple arms or something. It should be interesting gameplay-wise.