Medusa as a New Boss for Season 4 or KI4

I believe that Medusa could be a good Shadow Lord (or just final boss) of KI4 or a season 4 if this version of KI continues on. We’ve had Eyedol, a male two headed satyr, Gargos, a male gargoyle, and Aria, a female AI. Medusa would be another female, but also a source of monsters that could explain why so many creatures are running about in the KI universe. Of course, Sabrewulf, Mira, Spinal, Hisako, all have their origin stories, but a source for why monsters exist could be allowed in Medusa’s backstory. Perhaps she’s a link to a more monstrous time in Earth’s past that gave birth to Greek Legends etc. It would be the same as Dracula but I don’t think KI needs another Vampire or the Count’s legacy. I was hoping for a Frankenstein’s monster to be added to the roster as a horror trope (just F.Y.I). I’d like to see how her tail would look in game, slithering around and hitting people. I could see a whiplash combo, a ground pounding tail tremor like TJ, a tail flip like Riptor, and maybe a petrifying snake toss move like Spinal’s skulls to turn to stone the opponents legs or arms for a brief moment, making moves with those appendages unusable for a moment. The chief incarnation of Medusa (Clash of the Titans) always has her using a bow and arrow so that could be good for anti-airs and zoning. Though many have posted about Medusa, I mainly wrote this to suggest she shouldn’t be an average character and promoted to a boss status.


I like your story concept.

Admittedly, I’ve wanted this concept for a character when fake leaks were dropping at the time of S2’s announcement. If not a Gorgon, maybe a Naga or Lamia with multiple arms or something. It should be interesting gameplay-wise.

Interestingly, Medusa had been a character that Adam Isgreen had been considering during KI2013’s development.

Interesting idea. It sounds like you kind of want Medusa to take on the role of Echidna with her being the mother of all monsters. I’m not sure how I feel about that, as Medusa in the myth was a very different character altogether. That said, I do like the idea of there perhaps being some sort of originating source for all the creatures within KI, although I’m not sure if I would want it to be Medusa per se imo.