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Merry christmas and happy new year. i was analysing closely sadira these last days, and i think that the medium recluse is a under used tool.
because we cannot add it in juggle as linker even in instinct its not possible.

so why isn’t possible to let us use also use the medium recluse in juggle? we are almost cheap in damages, is it too much asking? let me know what do you think guys.

@UATBNDaymein i can add the heavy recluse only in instinct for juggles, but she stay blocked when it come to use the medium recluse.can you do it ?

Should it become a reversal move? just like glacius heavy puddle punch.
what to do with it to make it fully usefull.

Med recluse can be used in juggles. Can be used in combinations with web, at the end of juggles and so forth. She has tons of options to mix up her juggles without jump cancel med recluse. I don’t think you’re actuallyl analyzing her lol. She can’t jump cancel any special openers during a juggle. This is fine nothing needs to be changed. Medium Recluse is extremely useful as an opener / special manual. It’s the hardest hitting special move opener that allows for all manual strengths afterwards. Sadira needs absolutely nothing after PD change happened. She is fine. She is not top 5, but every fighting games have high, mid, low tier. She just happens to fall into mid / low tier.


yes you are total right, but can you please show me how do you use a medium recluse after the opponent been throw in the air then follow with juggles ( after medium recluse)
please show me , cause i ve missed something. i really need and try to improve with her like in s2, im tryin all possible option to make my combos diffficult to break but im still blocked with the medium recluse in juggle. help me please @KDD86

I don’t use it in juggles. She has better options. I’m just saying the options are there. It’s not optimal play to use it in juggles honestly. Her medium buttons are fast and can lead to many different things. Why not just use those instead? I only use Med recluse for grounded combos or maybe some random weird conversion in the air during instinct with web.

so is it possible in inctinct? ive try several times but she don’t turn fast enought to follow. she only don’t jump cancel after this move, maybe is it me but show me a video please sister spider lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

obviously she cannot jump cancel that move :cry:

I don’t know why you’re trying lol. I’m telling you she has better options. She can’t jump cancel any special move during a juggle other than heavy recluse. You have to use webs in order to combo / juggle with med recluse effectively. It’s not worth it. Stop lol

:sunglasses: good question lol, cause i got some secrets stuff ima try to land but that medium recluse don’t jump cancel in instinct :sweat: and it gives me hard time , but ok…

and what do you think about if that could also be a invulnerable move on reversal( like glacius puddle punch) let we talk about since she dont hurt anymore , IMo she could get better wake up option. why not on this one? just a idea

Glacius and Sadira so vastly different you can’t compare them like that. It would be such a terrible decision to give her a meterless invulnerable move because of how crazy her space control is. Work on your defense instead cause it’s never going to happen haha. Or use her shadow wall cling.

i don’t like the shadow wall cling cause you cannot choose wich direction you want to go. when you are cornered this move is so useless, really need to be improved (for the direction choice)

This does not relate to

Seriously, man, you’ve made so many “buff my character” and “nerf other character” threads that nobody takes you seriously anymore.