Mechwarrior Online

Anyone here play Mechwarrior Online? If not it’s free to play and I need friends to play with.

If anyone wants to play, my username is RGL Entertainment.

I do, I do! :smiley:

Is this a reboot of the 80th’s classic? That game was difficult as hell.

It is! It’s a free to play multiplayer Mechwarrior. It’s crazy fun.

You just need a decent computer to run it. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I talked to my brother about adding you, since he plays it far more than I do - he goes by RavingDork, I believe. Feel free to look him up! :wink:

I’m seeing player does not exist.

Nevermind. All is well.

To keep the thread interesting I guess I’ll do 'Mechlab updates.

Right now I’m using a Catapult K2. I don’t like this 'Mech at all. It gets good speed sure but my plan was to make a laser-vomit 'Mech. There were much better options available. A mistake I won’t make again.

This is my loadout. I use the lasers to melt away armor then I use the PPC to deal killing blows.

This is what I’m saving for. A Timberwolf with laser hardpoints on the shoulder. I will likely remove the missilebox on the right shoulder altogether