Meaty Aganos Setups After Payload Assault Ender

Hey there! Just wanted to post these here. Been meaning to record these since forever ago but only now got around to it!

First vid is a general meaty Aganos can do after any level of Payload Assault ender! The only thing this doesn’t beat is backdashes and probably Tusk H Conqueror (sorry if that’s not the name of his uppercut)! This will keep things like Jago/Orchid/Fulgore Shadow Uppercuts grounded since their invincibility ends after they hit the armor. This will even hit things like Glacius Liquidize!

This next one is specific to Hisako but could probably work well against the entire cast. This one at least requires you to have 2 chunks. Immediately after the ender, throw out L Payload Assault and then Far HK. Hisako can’t parry since the PA hits her first. She can’t backdash since hers is just as bad as Aganos’ :cry:. She can’t Shadow ORZ through it since armor absorbs the hit and she gets hit for it. One thing she (and anyone else) could do is get hit by it and break the HK. You know how things like this go though, you can either Counter Break her attempt or substitue a Far MP instead to throw off breaks! If she blocks, then you either get her off you for some air or you can go in since the 2nd PA has your back.

I made that 2nd specifically to fight Hisako as boy howdy does she just demolish him and I needed some extra dirt on her. I never knew until I fought some high level Sako’s how much of an uphill battle it is for the poor Golem. I also forgot that her Influence linker is completely obscured visually by his body because he’s so wide.

I hope these video’s help any/all Aganos’ players out there! If you see a way to improve on these then lets discuss it here!


I got nothing, kinda stunned actually. I wanna lab this (the first one) because I already struggle with the Aganos matchup and I want to stay abreast of anything else that makes fighting him more difficult.

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I just tested the first setup with Kim Wu and there definitely is a way to actually beat it with her.

If a Kim Wu ever does beat that first setup, then I could start doing the second one and then she has no options but it forces me to use up more of my resources just to maybe beat someone that isn’t willing to block.

I know how you feel, some matchups can be pretty rough. I feel the same exact way as you do in this mu as I do in regards to Hisako - Aganos. I got so tired of getting bopped by Hisako’s that I decided to see what could be done because as rough as it is, I know there has to be ways to make it slightly easier.