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Ah we have played lol ggs I was using my brothers account I was using omen I dabble with TJ due to lack of tech of I see on the forums. My original tag is my name on here I’ll help you out bro I helped trained a few players in the past. Are you available to play anytime soon? My mains are Jago, Shadow Jago, and Omen (as I stated before)


Be prepared to take losses here regardless of who is training with you. Your losses are learning experiences, yes it gets frustrating but the moment you see past that the better you become as a player.


Players that t-bag Getting the full ultra pray I don’t re-cap that ■■■ lol




Best way to do that, watch a replay of what was beating you. That’s in the fight archive. Look at how Wulf Shago and them play and how or where they go for their mixups so you can anticipate blocking instead of reaction blocking if reaction blocking isn’t working for you. That’s not something that can be taught what to do against it, it’s because every player is different. So you need a general strategy going into matchups. Like, he has this option possible and this option possible, but he may not use it until a clutch situation and I have to be ready for it.


Nice to hear Geek is still doing some good things for players that are looking for help.


The thing is man is like… Glacius has me in the corner Or even set ups his trails from far away. Then his spikes in(or shoulder) if i block he does this unblockable thing. If i jump the trails get me. Is there another other than shadow counter? I mean oft course I can try and break the Combo. But that way I get damage anyway.
Situations like that man.


I play Sabrewulf, if you want to play add me. GT: Maru MDQ


I play some Omen and Shago. Add me if you want


Thank you for your insights on Kim Wu bro.


If you’re forced to take damage, what way can you take damage that minimizes their setup and limits their followup? Sometimes if you force your way into their setup and eat it in a way that they can’t confirm off it, that can be a tactic too. But it also depends on who you play. Shadow Vortex is a good out for that too since your inputs cannot be crossed up unless they wait for the projectile to hit you first by staying under you. It’s all in the timing you’d probably have to set up the scenario in the lab and work on it a bit. The timing always comes down to the player you’re facing.


The best way to get better is to realize what you’re doing and what your opponent is doing. If a player is jumping too much, I’ll anticipate his jump and jump kick him. Works when fighting Sadira. Some may not realize and continue jumping. If Spinal keeps teleporting next to me, I’ll throw him. If Glacius keeps Instinct puddle uppercutting me on the opposite side, I’ll block and throw him. Btw Glacius is female. Confirmed. Just keep in mind what your opponent is doing and what you’re doing.


Or you could just get a combo punish instead


Yes. But as I said, realize what your opponent is doing and what you are doing. If you want to get a combo in there then do so. I was just giving small tips. Combos are the easy part.


Anytime you want to play, we can play. Iron out that TJ of yours. He’s got potential, hell you do stuff I hardly see people do on the punish game, just need it to get better. Need more variety so you are less predictable and breakable. Not a huge TJ player but I watched enough Rollbello, HKSmash and them. There’s also plenty of youtube videos if you need combo and setup ideas, but after you know them, it’s on you to apply them and figure out the situation to use them. Biggest improvement I can say for you, change up the auto barrage more. You only had like 2 patterns with it and I broke it far too often. Little more rolls on zoning, but cautious rolling since it isn’t fully invulnerable anymore. Better spacing on power lines and other power line cancels so you’re less punishable on your approach and a little stronger anti air game would work wonders for you. A lot of them don’t punish hard enough with what TJ is capable of.


@SullenMosquito Thanks for the tips man. Im working on them. Im at the point that I dont know if my fingers dont follow up or my controllers sucks.:open_mouth: (probably my fingers). I usually lab for 30 mins before I get in matches.
@Dranyamarel143 I know what you mean. Thats why I asked for people to do some sets that actually can breakdown the character so I know next time the key things about the match up.


If you want to test your controller, test a moderately difficult string and see how reliable your controller is at executing it every time. If that holds no issue, then you need to train yourself. Train stuff, commit it to muscle memory, so all you need to do is think, max punish, and it happens. If you’re trying to think of a combo while playing, you’ll drop it and get picked off. I know all of my Fulgore stuff on the back of my hand. I can play distracted and still execute fine unless online dips in and out. Cinder I have to watch a little bit for spacing and height but I can still do his stuff rather easily. Some of your combo’s will just be a rhythm thing. You’ll just know when to hit your next button. Comes with time.


Should I Work on 5-6 Combo patterns ( I mean the traditional ones linker-aa-linker ) Or do you mix them up on the fly?


How can I Test a String?


We all have favored combo paths. The trick is to break those down into smaller and smaller “chunks” that you can then mix and match on the fly. Ideally, each chunk should be no larger than 3 discrete attacks (manual->linker->auto or opener->linker->manual, for instance), and then you just swap those chunks as the spirit moves you. This is also useful in that it’ll help prepare you mentally for things like lockout capitalizations. Instead of thinking of how you have to modify your long canned combo, you can just flip the switch that says “damage loop” and shift immediately into heavy AD’s and light linkers.

So no, I wouldn’t recommend learning 5-6 different “bread and butter” type combos. If you do longer strings consistently, better players will pick up on the pattern quite quickly.