Maya's pressure is Godlike

She is too fast! and doesn’t seem to have a weak spot when using the daggers.I just can’t escape her pressure <=( any ideas?

Eg: The daggers combo is still breakable? I use to break it, but last night I couldn’t.

PS: I’m Wulf’s player

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Yeah Maya can be tough if she gets her pressure going. Try to separate her from her daggers. You can try jumping in anticipation but if she throws her other one right behind it you might land on it. I recommend using crouching mp to low-profile her daggers because it recovers fast enough to duck both of them if thrown back to back.

A video of me ducking both daggers is below.


Or when she throws a dagger, use a Shadow Move that is projectile invulnerable.

Which is the leaping attack, right (b, f+K, MK+LK/HK)?

EDIT: Never mind; I can figure it out for myself pretty quickly by going into the lab. :slight_smile:

Aw… Apparently I can’t effectively watch the clip from when using the MS Edge browser on my XB1. Seem rather counter-intuitive, if you ask me… :expressionless:

…that’s why I use; it does the same thing, works, and doesn’t have as many ads floating all over the place. :wink:
boom :smile:

changed in original post too

Yep, that did the trick. Thank you! :smiley:

@TwoDogKnight Also, I found out just now via the lab that d+HP and d+MK also low-profile enough to avoid her daggers. :wink:


aww, it seems I can’t see the video =(
Thanks people, I’ll try to avoid the daggers as you said, back-forward + LK is to slow for that, the timing must be great to execute. I’ll go for the other ones. The thing is not letting her keep her pressure. Also I can’t believe how many persons will do her wake up move so recklessly. but when I think she’s going to do that they’ll grab me, and when I think "naaah, how come they’ll do that wake up attack " they DP me XD


sorry looks like the original video I posted just expired off my dvr. I replaced the original link with one I recorded tonight.

Here it is.

Showing how you can duck both daggers with crouching MP

My general rule is to meaty Maya relentlessly. Maya’s never want to sit still once you knock them down, so I just meaty them until they finally figure out that waking up isn’t a viable option. Then I start command grabbing them :evilimp:

My Maya is pretty hard to beat unfortunately my shadow goes HAM and has an IQ of -63

Message me if you want to have exhibition practice or look up my level 50 Maya shadow

If only her alternate was the KI2 head