Maya's past

Soooo… Did Maya have daggers before taking Kan Ra’s daggers ? I mean how else would she fight? That’s her expertise

Well she has I presume night guard training so there’s that.

The Night Guard specialized in few secrets, and Maya became privvy to one. For years, she practiced. Trained. Spent sleepless nights mastering the art the Nightguard bestowed upon her. Mira would try along with her, but failed. “That’s probably why she died…” Maya muttered to herself. Maya would say this because no one knew the strength, discipline, and mental flexibility needed by the Night Guard’s oldest kept secret: the technique of the tumble kick. Yes. The tumble kick.

Nearly impossible to accurately read and break, the tumble kick was Maya’s only needed tool. In times where temperance and vengeance are in agreement, both will whisper into Maya’s ear saying “Girl…treat yo’ self.” Maya will treat herself, berating her enemies with a constant barrage of tumble kicks. Will they stay on the ground? Will they go in the air? Only Maya herself knows. For now, it remains the bane of nearly every KI player in the game.