Maya's new Night Guard

With Maya’s old Night Guard killed by Kan-Ra & Ultratech, she forms a new one from Jago, Orchid, TJ Combo and later Kim Wu & Tusk.

Does anyone feel like its the “Avengers/Justice League” in KI?

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I would approve of this, being a huge Marvel comic fan :grin:

Maya - Wonder Woman

Orchid - Batwoman

Jago - Superman

T.J - Cyborg

Kim Wu - Supergirl

Tusk - Martian Manhunter

What?? TJ is Cyborg instead of Fulgore? Glacius has more in common with Manhunter also. And could Wulf be Flash?

[quote=“DoobyDude23, post:4, topic:5623”]
And could Wulf be Flash?
[/quote] is that supposed to be a reference to UA Flash? well played, well played…

You give me way too much credit, I only said that coz he’s fast lol. But thanks for that, that’s a much better reason than mine and I’m now gonna claim that that is exactly what I meant from the beginning. :smile:

I guess I don’t see Thunder & Aganos joining the new Night Guard. They’re their own team.

What about seeing the new Night Guard as the “Z Fighters”?