Maya's backstory & story in season 3

Wonder how Maya’s story will be expanded?

  • How her people in the Incan empire came to be? With Kan-Ra enslaving them?
  • When was she trained in combat?
  • How her people got attacked by Ultratech when they found their location?
  • How she interacted with Orchid, Jago & TJ

Rumor has it or it is confirmed? In Season 3 a S2 character will have a Sibling. My guess is Maya the rest I dont know.

It’s not TJs sister or a Riptor clone is all we know. The only sibling it could be other than Maya is Cinder’s sibling seeing that Hisako and Kan-ra are too old to have any siblings left and Aganos is a statue.

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What about Maya’s backstory?

  • When were the Night Guard formed?
  • Were her people amazons in the old times when Kan-Ra came to South America?
  • How was Maya born as she is now?
  • How did she interact with Orchid and the others?

Maybe Maya would have cousins.

Maybe since she’s Incan, perhaps an Aztec to join in?

Im also wondering if Mira is just her sister or identical twin. If identical it would be cool if they change her face so it looks like a vampiric version of her