Maya Video Guide Complete! (And a small forums rant)

Alright, guide’s up. I don’t have as much experience with Maya as I do others, so set your expectations. I still tried my best to include as much as possible.

On that note…I’m kind of upset. I understand that Maya’s not the most popular character, and some folks like @ZTRAINOVER9000 looked over my script and I appreciate that. But that thread where I asked for assistance with the script got a whopping ZERO responses. And as a result, my guide didn’t improve at all. Meanwhile some other random a** threads with objectively little value are getting way more responses.

I just want to remind people that we are a small community and there are very few resources for newer players to learn the game from. I feel like these forums should have way more threads about knowledge spreading and tips. I’m not saying people should always have something to offer others, or even watch my videos. I just would like to see a little more interesting and helpful discussion, because that’s what I come to these forums for.

Anyway, enjoy the video, and feel free to comment on it below.


I agree with everything you have said here. Actual ki content should not be shadow by random garbage posts


I’m maybe a little bit kinda sh*t with Maya so my input probably wouldnt have helped much. Sorry bout that


I’m kinda in the same boat as @Fwufikins here…I’m mostly just mediocre with most characters and maybe only slightly better with my mains, so I’m really not much help when it comes to tech.
But I love me some KI, and that’s why I come to hang out on the forums…lore, news, aesthetics, new content, etc.

*shrug *

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Tfw actually helpful threads get buried below a ton of off topic threads :disappointed_relieved:


I liked your script. I read it in its entirety to pick up on some Maya tips and tricks. I’m not good with her at all, so I didn’t offer anything, which is a problem in our small community.

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I read all the script you posted some days ago, watch your last video playing some ranked with Maya and now I’ll watch this whole guide too. I know you feel upset but I’m glad that you made it. It helps beginners like me to learn more about KI, I’ll love to watch this guide because Maya is one of the few that I play until now (besides her I play just with Omen, but I’m trying to learn stuff about others characters). Thanks for the content, know there are people who appreciate that!


Haha, I’ve been using Maya for about a year now, and I still can’t cash out juggles with Mantis, also I’m using a fight stick, so that doesn’t help (at least me) either, try as I might, I just can’t get the timing. :sweat_smile:

Also upon playing Maya and reaching Killer, I feel I’m having trouble keeping up with people online, so with me being busy, plus my knocked confidence, I apologise for not commenting on your initial thread, I’m not sure I’d have much to add anyway.

About the only (perhaps random and potentially pointless thing) I can think of that you didn’t mention is her Cr MP:- the second hit on that mini target combo can be delayed, sometimes people either stop blocking or try and attack while it’s still active and I’ve stabbed them in the toes, but to what end, I’ll admit I’m not entirely sure. :joy:

To me, the most insightful part of the guide comes at the 28:30 mark of the guide where Sonic, in talking about demonstrating cashing out a mantis juggle combo, states…

“Yeah, if you want to be a Maya main, yeah, please practice these and don’t do what i did and just walk into a guide only trying to practice these for, like, 5 minutes.”

To anyone that would be new to Maya that happens to watch this later down the line, please understand the emphasis of this quote. Maya can be played with the standard combo style of KI, but to truly master her, you have to handle her juggling capability. And it is not easy.

Well done, Sonic.


I will say you did a good job like you did with the rest of the guides you did. You didn’t miss anything and explained it pretty well. On the suggestion thread though, I know it’s my fault for not asking but what were you exactly looking for?
Like I said above, you didn’t miss anything so there wasn’t much to suggest. If you wanted some specific things like tech then sure I have it. I don’t think that the lack of responses is due to a lack of interest, it may be because of how well you covered pretty much everything.

Good job on the guides and hope you do more :+1:

Is it too much to expect even a single new thing to pop up in the thread?

Again, if you didn’t feel like adding anything because you thought it was good enough, then that’s fine. Nothing against you for that.

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Interesting, I don’t like Maya but it’s always valuable information to know. Not sure if it’s worth the hassle but I’m considering doing a season 3 analysis on Jago.

Anyway I hear you, the forums are like that sometimes where game related matters tend to become overshadowed by political and clearly subjective thoughts that add little to no point to topics.