Maximilian dood VS PIKACHUAKUMA

LOL What does max have to say for himself?

Maximilian dood ( Ken ) VS PIKACHUAKUMA ( Akuma )

What is this supposed to imply exactly? Max is no god of fighting games. Even he has some losing matches here and there.

Max is top tier at fighting games but
This guy makes max look like an absolute noob sadly. Its not just losing a few match this guy makes max look like a beginner he wins 99% matches against max. lol

Yes he has a lot of experience in fighting games but doesn’t mean he’s top tier at them and Max knows that too. He’s only human like the rest of us. And he sees his losses as a way to improve himself and that’s how he got to where he is now. You can’t get good from always winning so it helps to challenge yourself

I mean hell in a recent Marvel vs. Capcom 3 vid on his YT channel he got PERFECTED!

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Max is pretty good basic skill and knowledge and he knows what to look for in a character that makes them good but he plays 3rd strike like once a month or something crazy like that. Almost every day he is playing other random fighting games with wildly different mechanics on stream. Sometimes he doesn’t even play fighting games but party games and etc. (that’s not including his actual work job profession.)

Compared to someone like pikakuma who probably plays a hell of a lot of 3s it shouldn’t be surprising that he beat max a lot. I’m pretty sure max said himself that he is decidedly average and it makes sense. He is a guy who has potential to be very good probably too tier but he doesn’t practice in one game, plays whatever random game he feels like(if he even plays games since he has full time job). His skill has deteriorates to somewhere around average. Probably above average on a game he really really loves but he isn’t top tier