Max Real Talk: Casuals are important

Some awesome points made by Max about casual fighting gamers:

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I absolutely hate how a lot of games (and not jsut fighters) won’t get revised reviews after a major update - it can genuinely hurt the future sales of the game. Even a lot of DLC that gets released don’t get their own reviews, which in itself could potentially do the trick.

WE ALL have been casuals before. Some of our best gaming experiences have come from being a casual. Most of us started out not knowing you could even BE competitive in our games of choice. So for capcom to make a mistake like this is unbelievable.

Casual players pay the same price for the game as Evo champions do. Probably more if S1 KI is any indication - some of the top players didn’t even own an Xbox and were playing only at events or on borrowed equipment.

Casuals are like the Zerg. Individually they only weakly support the game, but there are so many of them that they overwhelm the pro players with volume. Easily. Every time.

There’s a reason MK 9 and MK X can have huge budgets and high production values despite not being darlings of the tournament crowd. Tournaments don’t pay the bills for developers. Casuals do.

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