Max rates the KI Costumes

Here’s max’s ratings on the costumes.

What are your opinions?


Sabrewulfs retro looks hilarious, his feet… Glacius’ redesign face was not very good, orchid retro is spandex, looks great… Love spinal, don’t like the wheel on his back… Its weird, and doesnt make sense… Spinal retro should have a 1 eyed wily outfit from goonies… Fulgore is a holy ■■■■ looking dude, TJ, i was thinking Lawerence Taylor lol… I love Mayas retro!.. Hisako??:+1::+1::+1: anything like that is good. Agreed on cinder, I’m slightly colorblind, shadow jagos’ colors are gorgeous!! Rash had me thinking this is how battletoads are gonna look?? Nope! Rash is great! Arbiter retro, looks like district 9… Kims’ hemet​:-1:… Tusk got a braveheart kinda look, not william wallace though​:+1:… Mira main, love everything about her

I personally like the new design for Glacius. It tells his story as an alien creature. Sabrewulf was a welcomed addition, it shows the tragic circumstances that Sabrewulf has been dealing with.
Riptor had a very awesome redesign in this version. I still love the KI-1 design, but they still nailed her design perfectly. It does also separate from some of the more common depictions of raptors, but still makes her stand out.

While I know some of the designs like retro cinder’s fingers is off to some people, and the retro riptor had the augmented tail like the default costume, I know that this is due to the rigging with the characters main designs.