Material Item Names

So I’ve been sitting on making this thread for a while, but I’ve finally gotten pretty annoyed with it.
In the Beta, certain materials had different names than what they have now. Shadow Plasma was Abyssal Shards, Nanotech Clusters were Extraterrestrial Alloys, Nanotech Fibers were Fusion Cores.
From a subjective point of view, a lot of these materials sounded much cooler. If you say “this is made up of clusters of technological bits” it’s a lot less badass than “this was forged with metal from beyond the boundaries of human understanding”.

From a more objective view, the images on these items no longer fit them. Shadow Plasma is very clearly still solid shards of material, no plasma. The Nanotech fibers (which still look like something you’d call a Fusion Core) is a name that should belong to the Nanotech Scrap (which still look like fibers, since they were called Ultratech Nanofibers in the beta) and the Nanotech Clusters that were once Extraterrestrial Alloys still look like they have a little grey alien face in the reflection. The Shadow Particle still looks more like a fragment of stone than any particle I’ve seen.
The only ones that still look pretty fitting to their name are the Spirit Cores (once Hearts of Flame) and Shadow Matter (once Celestial Souls).

I should’ve probably made this thread earlier, since it made navigating the crafting system rather annoying for the first day or so as I tried to figure out what everything changed to, but I figured out how to work it fine. I just think the names aren’t quite fitting anymore, and that some of them could use a bit of a dial back to their old names so they make more sense.


I would like to go back to each resource makes a group of items. Now some of these items need 2 or 3 different resources, and I never can remember what ones I need, and what ones in have to many of. I guess that I just need to write them down on a paper, and keep it by the Xbox


I thought this was going to be about how spirit cores are still referred to as hearts of flame in pre/post mission trade offers.
Yeah the old names were cooler, but these new names are a lot more clear, you can memorize them more quickly.
My only gripe is that the icon for scrap clearly shows pieces of fiber, and the icon for fiber clearly shows a chunk of metal. Maybe switch those???

I agree. The multi-resource system they put in place in the full version is rather convoluted and makes it hard to figure out what to get or what you need.

In preview: You want Item X so you get material 1 and then you have a choice between X or Y

Now: you want item X but you need material 1 and Q, so you choose X and then go to get item Z but wait…Z needed Q as well and you used it all already.


I actually like the multi-resource system better because it is less linear. Although it’s a bit trickier to remember the recipes now.


It wasn’t exactly linear before. I mean it wasn’t “Kill enemy X get material Y” …everything was still obtained randomly, plus the emporium hasn’t changed on its not always having the item you want to craft. It really just adds an extra unnecessary layer that leaves you scratching your head on what you can and can’t get. I mean as is it’s honestly almost more reliable to just keep using your astral gems to get loot packs.

I get what you’re saying, but to me it didn’t make sense that two completely different items were made out of the same materials. I’d rather have the emporium randomness removed than simpler recipes.

But it is like that for a lot of materials, isn’t it? Ultratech stuff drops from Ultratech characters and so on. Of course there’s still randomness involved in the loot and also in what enemies are available to fight.

I liked the older names better aswell.

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