Matchup against Hisako as Tusk?

Please help, I am just clueless, everything I do is countered:

-button in neutral: parry
-jump in: teleport on reaction and punish
-backjump crossup to punish teleport: LMAO GET PARRIED XDPF
-throw attempts to bypass parry: LMAO GET COMMAND GRABBED XDPF
-antiair: whiff due to this downward slash arc-changing move, eat combo (or get parried due to wrong read)
-air to air: gooby pls

what do I do ffs


OMG I’m loling so hard :joy::joy::joy:

@STORM179 may help you here

I Feel it’s really REALLY one sided against tusk.

Try your best to bait the counter by charging/jumping and NOT attacking. It’s what I do with Aganos. Also, by not attacking, you can defend more easily if she tries to attack. Doing this you can train her to not counter so often.

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1.) Wait for her to do something reactable.

2.) Cry.

I dunno. I’m sure there are ways to cleverly outplay your opponent, but having none of the requisite experience to discuss the MU w/ intimate knowledge, it looks hopeless. Like freezing an egg on a campfire hopeless.

Death comes to all, except ghosts that kill Norwegian supermodels.

Don’t use Tusk’s big sword normals in this fight; don’t use any button that has a deflect window against Hisako in neutral. Tusk has plenty of buttons that aren’t counterable on reaction, so get in close and try to use those instead.

If this is happening to you, then you are staying in the air way too long…Hisako doesn’t teleport anywhere near fast enough to punish jumps. But you shouldn’t necessarily be jumping a ton anyway, except maybe to do (QCB?+P) to put a wall of fire in front of you. That’s a really good move in this fight actually, and is basically the only reason you should ever be jumping at Hisako - she has multiple ways to punish any other kind of jump Tusk wants to do.

Why are you back jumping cross up to punish teleport? Hisako does teleport in neutral, mash cr.LK and kick her in the face. Teleport in neutral isn’t safe, and you should make Hisako eat a full combo any time she tries it.

This happens. It isn’t the end of the world, and tells you important things about the player you’re fighting. Someone who’s using command grabs on wakeup is vulnerable to meaties and/or neutral jumps. In fact, just do more neutral jumps on her wakeup in general. Also hit her low. And high. If you’re afraid to challenge counter, then you will lose. You don’t have to play around counter as much as you probably think.

If Hisako is in the air, she isn’t countering you. Secondly, Tusk’s anti-airs are so magnificent that Sako’s changing of her jump arc shouldn’t be making all that much of a difference. Those big sword normals I said not to use? Use them when Hisako gets jumpy - tag her with a standing HP or two and I guarantee she’ll stop jumping so much.

Finally, go to this thread:

Post 17 is the one you want. Pay attention to how DaytonJ behaves on both offense and defense. That’s how you handle the Sako match-up with Tusk.


^^this guy, he’s… well, he’s quite the guy, I tell ya what. :smiley:


Thank you all for your input guys.

Today I have beat a guy who gave me so much trouble yesterday. I used some of your advices.

I havent stopped using sword buttons, just used them really scarcely, so there wont be pattern that opponent can read and parry. Same with air Skull Splitter, Hisakos can easily teleport behind and punish, use in extreme moderation.

I think main thing that helped me win was very, VERY patient neutral game. Most of fight we just shimmied back and forth at almost full screen, with occasional dashes or normals thrown in air.

Patience is the key, just like with Jago.

EDIT: I need to add an important thing to me as Tusk main, and anyone who thinks about maining him.

Tusk has enormous damage output and can take down opponent very quickly, and this makes me sometimes disregard neutral game, I just feel temptation to go ham and rake dat juicy 60-70% damage, and this is a huge mistake in certain matchups.

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Yeah, Tusk’s neutral is very good, and he gets a ton of (unbreakable) damage from playing it well. Don’t be afraid to bully with sword normals in a lot of matches - you don’t always have to go nuts in-combo with someone get good damage on them as Tusk.

As a note, the reason I suggest not using these buttons at all is because they are fully reactable for counter. I don’t have to “read” you throwing a big sword button - I can see it and react with counter even if I’m not looking for it.