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Hello friends I am new to this, sorry for any mistake,
I just reached gold series, but rarely I am matched against gold player’s, the killer spam is annoying me, if I can only play against killer’s I should receive a killer badge thou, this is good only when I rarely face a gold player then I am able to reck them because of the killer matches experience, what is the point of the gold series? If you can only fight against people from killer, you will never know if you are good against people from the same series,
Sorry for the bad English, my point is, let the golds face golds, and killer’s face killer’s, I am eating the dessert before the main plate, and it’s bitter,
I tried to requalify, just to discover that my place is where I was previously, the gold series.

The matchmaking in KI essentially pits you up against players that are closer to you so you may end up fighting the same people more than once and they just happen to be killers. In exhibition you can sort out what kind of rank players you can fight, so if you want to fight gold only players you may do so. As for ranked be prepared to fight anyone of various strengths whether they be bronze or 28 pro star killers.

Play exhibition and use THE SEARCH FILTER!

If you play ranked you are going to play all tiers at random times. That’s just how it is. That’s why the point system is set up to give you more or less points for wins and more or less for losses.

But if you want to completely remove KILLERS…use Exhibition and modify the search filter or create a lobby and play with friends.

this should be on ranked already. Those “pro” people who know how to juggle well and lock you in the air. Why should i play against good players when im not ready to face’ em ?
You should be able to filter players from time to time and after a winning streak because its kinda hard reach the promotion match. Average players like me never know what’s going to be the result of the promo match so make it more fare for casuals.

But ranked is not for casuals, exhibition is. In ranked people will go their hardest regardless of rank. Also the only way to get better is by fighting someone that’s better than you.


so i guess ranked does not welcome people who want to just have fun. hmm

Ranked can’t have filters due to the top 32 league system. It would be easy to manipulate your points with filters

Depending on who you fight no, if you’re on ranked you mainly play to win and rank up, if you’re in a lobby or playing exhibition you’re playing for fun, to learn, or play a casual match with someone.

No man…thats what exhibition is for. Ranked is for players that “can juggle and do high tech combos”…if you arent ready for ranked I would advise you stay away from it until you are ready. If you are frustrated then you arent ready. We have all been there…play exhibition and against friends. If thats not enough play shadows. Other wise you are going to get frustrated… the ranked match making is not going to change so please take our advice.

DUDE!!! Exhibition is for FUN & CASUALS…so is Shadow lab and Shadow Survival. Also LOBBY mode with friends. Ranked is for COMPETITIVE players ONLY.
We are trying to help you… take our advice and stop being stubborn.


Ranked mode is exactly that. A Ranked mode. This is a place you go if you want to Rank yourself against other players. Some players might take it easier on you in Ranked, but in the end they will not just give you the win. This is the mode for people to see how good they are when they play their best.

Like others have said, there are several online and single modes to play that are not ranked.


Thanks for the answers so far, but I think that the best way to learn what beats what, and what is current tech that the players are using with characters, and the fundamentals is ranked matches, in exhibition and lobby people just want to use the scumbag stuff, even in ranked there’s a lot of Mtfckers that keep spamming teabag and taunting, I am new to this game, last time I played was in a black cartridge, in this game I only have 22 hours, and I am having a bad time against killer’s that are ■■■■■, yesterday I beat a killer rash that was bashing me for a intire week, aways closes matches, but he kept bragging himself tauting with that frog teabaging over my corpse, now he can’t beat me anymore, get my ■■■ kicked was an antidote against him, I’ve heard that it can’t have a filter in ranked because of the top 32 but I think this is a misleading information, there’s no gold player’s or under, in top 32 right? the simple solution is to implement a filter for gold series and under (silver bronze etc) let the people decide if they want to fight against killer’s in ranked before reaching killer series, and let the killer’s kill himselfs teabag himselfs taunt himselfs be disrespectful against himselfs, I came from sf series and I know that are ■■■■■ in everywhere, but from killer’s I didn’t expect such behavior, even laggers, there’s something that that I experienced this week twice, when I was about to beat a killer omen, the game freeze and I got a message that I had lost the connection and the game counts like I was the quitter and punish me, but I have discovered how to stop this, I am blocking this guys and I hope never play them again

That explains a lot, best answer so far! Thank you!

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If you wanna have some fun learning the game with good people, I recommend you start picking up forum friends! Tons of people on these boards who are willing to help each other, and even more of us just looking for new sparring partners!

That’s a good advice, thank you friend!
My gamer tag is pazoline, just like my name here, if anyone’s want me as a friend to play I will be glad! There’s no community of ki here in Brazil, thank God that I have a good Internet connection to play against the rest of the world

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I don’t remember if she’s from Brazil or not, but I remember that @MaruMDQ is from that area of the world if you’re looking for something relatively close by.

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I’m from Brazil. And while we aren’t a big community we have been growing and doing streams/events more often.

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There’s a community in Brazil as far as I’m concerned. You have teams like ST (Shame Team) and FX (FoX). You can also find the facebook page.

I think the biggest and more compromised community in this region was in Chile. They would stream tourneys (online and offline) and put a lot of work around the game.

The biggest country (apart from Brazil) with practicaly no community , is mine (Argentina)

@Fwufikins I’m their neighbour but it’s not strange we get laggy matches between us in KI. Not always, but sometimes. Also we do speak different languages, however they aren’t that different like English-Spanish, but still a little barrier.


Thanks for clarifying. I always forget that things aren’t quite like North America where the whole of the continent has English as a first or second language. :sweat_smile:

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I will be adding you my amigo!

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