So wanted to start a thread on match-ups and how to deal with them. Trying to main with Maya and get general strategies down for the cast. I seem to consistency have issues with riptor and her flame carpet set up. You don’t see a lot of Maya players out there so it is hard to see how a maya would deal with the match up. Anyone have any tech I haven’t seen?


I recommend watching 8-Bit Beatdown - it has 1 of the best Maya players I’ve ever seen! :wink:

Yeah i have been watching that good stuff. Been hoping for a PaulB(Riptor) and pinkdiamond(maya) match but it looks like paul sticking with hisako and wulf for the time being.

As you seem to understand, watch C88 PinkDiamond. She understands Maya better than anyone else, IMO.

The honest solution some problems are: You’ve made a mistake and you’re eating the pressure with anti-wakeup tools, in this example’s case Flame Carpet.
You’ve got to wait till you have the Shadow Meter and/or Instinct to make a reversal on pressure and from there it’s up to you to maintain it.

But that’s to be said for a few characters without a lot of wakeup. Their pressure and/or mixup tools are such that with a more diverse set of wakeup tools, they’d seemingly have no punish.

As for specifics, still downloading.

Yeah since i started this thread i have been trying things out in ranked and dojo. Shadow counter seems to be useless in this situation because of the slow start up. In case anyone else is having this issue just wanted to post what i have learned.

Option 1: Shadow DP timing on this varies depending on what the Riptor does after the carpet but either they get hit with it and you can dash roll away after or they block and you use daggers to make it safe and can start pressure. Regular DP will work but the timing for it is much harder without that frame of invincibility.

Option 2: Neutral jump + dagger throw. This is super risky but if the dagger connects jump away while they are frozen in hit stun. the roll before the jump should collect the daggers you throw.

Still looking for other tech as these typically only work once a match before they adjust.