Masquerade Head's Colors Are Strange

I came across something very odd when I was cycling through Sadira’s colors with Masquerade Head equipped. Normally, the hood section of the item is colored black like color 4. But if you move to color 4, then move to any other color, it changes to be that color. When you actually start the game, the hood is black again. The color changes on the customization screen too.

Edit: Oops, I did not know about the bug reporting tread. :disappointed_relieved: I will report this there.

Can we see a video of this bug?

I do not have a video, but maybe you could test out when you can? It happens every time when I test it.

I’m usually busy, but I can take a look.

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It’s been doing this forever. You’re not the only one affected by this. I’ve noticed the color change when you select colors, but when the match begins it reverts to the default color of black.

Hm, then I wonder why this has not been fixed yet.

Edit: I mixed up I and then.

I believe it’s simply a glitch when selecting the colors. No other accessory allows you to change its color so I believe that it was just a minor glitch that no one even bothered to report.