Marvel vs Capcom 2

Thought I’d turn on the ole PS3 to get a little Psylocke play in. My first choice was the marvelous MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 2 featuring the 3D Psylocke, but I remembered I had downloaded mvc 2 one year!

Does anyone remember when they offered marvel vs capcom 2 to all PS users?

Doubt I’ll ever sell this PS3! It’s still such a fun game. It’s so crazy and all over the place!

Still hoping marvel will sign with someone to have their version of an injustice style fighting game. Would be prefect for the summer X Men film tie in with PSYLOCKE as a top tier fighter with specials and such.

Kim Wu seems as she will give me my Psylocke fix for Killer Instinct!

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I never much enjoyed the second as much as I did the first, still a shame that I deleted it. Now, I will never be able to play it. Not a huge loss but a loss is a loss.

It should still be in your PSN right?

Xbox360. But, because negotiations fell between them they were permanently removed from the store both PS and MS alike. So if you deleted it, you cannot re-download it to my knowledge.