Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

I’m so sad… it’s Switch exclusive.

I have a Switch. Too bad I don’t like Ultimate Alliance.

I’m surprised they went this route at all, seems weird to give people what they wanted for years and suddenly lock it to one specific system. With that said, it looks better than UA2, but that’s not saying much.

I honestly feel this series is pointless without Raven Software at the helm; they were the creators of the X-Men Legends series and UA1, and they also did the best job with the formula.

The worst thing they could do is do what they did with the boss in Ultimate Alliance 2. If you don’t know what I’m talking about…

I see Wolverine but if I don’t hear of Storm Phoenix or Psylocke I could care less

Wolverine seems to be the only X-Men character, which is indeed also a big disappointment. :confused:

You really think the entire roster is in the debut trailer?


Time to care I guess.

Psylocke at 0:25 seconds in, Storm at 1:01

I didn’t see Phoenix but let’s be honest, they’ll probably put her in to push the new movie.

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Now we just need Fantastic Four and we good. Hopefully this means something good for MvC.

and she has a ponytail!

That’s it- I’m buying a switch in July

I’m a little disappointed it’s not her current comic design. You know, where she’s back in her own body. But whatever, this is what people wanted. I guess.


There is rumour of alternate costumes like the previous game-although I’d prefer her kris anka costume over the Mahmud Asrar

It’s time for an EVO announcement of a new marvel fighting game they have one job lol

Even though I’m not a huge fan of cel shading, it is cool,in this sense of a comic book inspired adventure-
I long for an mk11 graphics level production for a marvel fighting game

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Omg omg @CausingThought6 looook


To be clear this is for marvel future fight mobile game

but the X-MEN train is ON FIRE RIGHT NOW I REALLY hope this means an EVO fighting game announcement!!!

Maybe ` this costume will be available in Marvel ultimate alliance 3!!

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I hope so too. I like the new design more. And as much as people like and remember her as an Asian girl, the whole situation as to how she got that was always really freaked me out.

Also, really hope she gets her Captain Britain costume.

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That too- but one we haven’t seen except for that heavily-pixelated dungeon crawler in the 80s is the Chris Claremont original pink suit!!! If they ever make that one I’m just ready for a fork

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